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Thorsten Cmiel
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Dec. 24, 2015
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Feb. 6, 2017
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NMF-Assess The Blame
I decided West is North and East is south. ;)
What's this double?
AKQ and something in the remaining colors. That is why this last X should be not TO and just is penalty.
Interesting hands from Wroclaw (2)
saw now the click info, was new to me...
Laws question
John you are correct. But in case of an accidentally touched piece you not even have to say "j'adoube". Even if it is better not to have discussions. The law says if you touch a piece with the idea of moving - liftig it up shows exactly that - you have ...
Sorry this was meant as an answer to Patrick. To my standards I would not have openend this hand in first or second seat. Just 2 honor tricks, 12 HCP and two jacks. To me it is a question of style and partnership agreements. Anyway with the hand you gave ...
Laws question
In chess it is easier. Intended or not, if you touch a piece you have to "j^adoube" and can change. The rules in bridge give much more space for interpretation - a bit crazy.
I am astonished that nearly everybody gives most of the blame to North who has not bid 3 - okay. For me South could have bid 4 or 4 if this is asking for aces and 4NT would be a last exit. So I would split the blame ...
What is this double
If the description of 2 was agreed as given (wide range) double now should show maximum and partner has to decide. I would aspect a chance for a trick here. No it does not mean anything in clubs but it can be that the opponents run in 4 ...
Interesting hands from WBG
Thank you for this. I liked most the chat of your high school friends.
Interesting Appeal hand from Turkish Club Championship
Playing in Turkey - lived there for one year - in similar situations the TDs normaly would argue I could have changed to the right play of a heart and strike. So result stands probably the double would be taken away. Unfortunately I cannot give you an example of situations happened to ...

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