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Thorvald Aagaard
Thorvald Aagaard
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Jan. 12, 2014
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Jan. 8
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Double loser on loser play in 1989
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Nordic team knock out champion 1989, Danish Team Champion 2004, Danish Knock out team champion 1988 and 2013
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One-Eyed Jacks
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Teams Knock out
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Whatever makes my partner happy
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Mixed pair lost their hearts
East should bid 4, but the real problem is the 4 bid. I really see no reason to bid 4 besides not having the needed values for that bid, it might cause some confusion about the 4 bid from East, natural or CUE with s ?
Tough lead against slam
If east had Kxx of a trump might be very normal, so your plan on a -lead should probably be reconsidered. Leading a singleton trump is often a bad idea, so on a -lead I would ruff 2 s and take the -finesse (After dropping a on the ...
Erronous analysis in Bridge Play Made Easy - Reese and Jourdain?
I think the authors just want you to throw a when caching the , as that works with the actual layout. But with a -lead, ducked, and back, you should cross to the A, and take KJ of , when West follows he can no longer have ...
Wherein lies the fault: missing game.
I think both players did some bad bidding. Normally in the reopening situation you can borrow a king (or an ace from partner), but then you have to return it if you bid again. In the reopening situation it is often difficult to describe the hand, so a jump in ...
Matchpoints blegh
Why did North not bid 1? Probably due to system agreement, but it is interesting to know if a 5-2-5-1 hand must double? Could partner have 6-card ? (ie no Weak Jumps here) Declarer seems to be 4-6-1-2 If this is right we can make 3 and forgot ...
What are the odds?
The website states: Below tables gives the a priori chance of being dealt a hand with a longest or a shortest suit of given length. So your odds each time you pick up a hand is 1:3000 that you have a 9-card suit. So about 1:5.000.000 ...
What are the odds?
From Odds to get a 9-card suit 9 card 9-2-1-1, 9-2-2-0, 9-3-1-0, 9-4-0-0 0.00037 so around 1 every 3000 hands so 3 in 50 hands is like winning the lottery Thorvald
Standard followups to Minor Suit Transfers
I used to play it as shortness (and think that is standard), but to make it harder to double the suit for a lead, we changed it to be shortness in the other major
Reisinger final round
Only display of link is fixed, the actual link is still with ? before time
Thorvald Aagaard's bidding problem: KT82 3 KJ74 QJT5
I Like these rules.

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