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Tilman Seidel
Tilman Seidel
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Aug. 27, 2017
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about me

Im doing more watching than playing actually.

Have always been fascinated by the game and its endless varieties.

Love my family, travelling and hiking.


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Winning european Juniors pairs championship (long, long time ago!)
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ATB for this disaster
Thxs everybody, there was a lot of enlightment! Basically I agree with the (often made) comment, that our partnership had discussed this situation much too little!
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: AJT765 653 A43 3
...and you are vul; I consider this is a maximum weak two rather than a (sub)minimum opening bid.
Upside upside down
There are 14 clubs and 12 diamonds in this deck...
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: AT65 5 AKQ73 987
Hm, I wonder about the pessimistic approaches. Is x; Qxx; Jxxxxx; Axx to much to hope for (after all, we are vul vs. nv)? And they might save too...
Andreas Babsch's lead problem: T65 KT954 Q64 92
Pass over 2D denies 3 cards in hearts?
Tilman Seidel's lead problem: 93 K9865 Q5 QT53
Very funny :-) Whenever I post a problem, lots of people complain about "information not given" - I tried to put in everything, that could possibly be relevant. In fact, as trivial as it seems, in the actual hand only Peter Lipp would have avoided the bad score: the hearts were A10x ...
Simon Weinberger's lead problem: 7654 AJ74 AJT8 2
sorry, ignored the information about Journalist leads...
Simon Weinberger's lead problem: 982 A 863 986432
Asking for good trumps, I suppose
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: AQ84 KQ2 AK98 K7
I would have upgraded to 22 HCP, but even the best cards I can think of in the context given (like x xxx Qxxxx Axxx) do not make a good slam and 3NT seems the safer choice
Full Penalty
Thanks for interesting insight into LOTT and competition as a passed hand! Page 12: "How was East's auction" should be "West's".

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