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Tim Goodwin
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July 27, 2010
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Why didn't I open 1?
ACBL CEO: Post-Mortem
Motivations are of course varied, but I would guess that those in the 2500 MP area decide to compete for the competition and track masterpoints as a side result, rather than masterpoints being the primary motivation.
ACBL CEO: Post-Mortem
> Its complete unrealistic for the Board to Expect anyone > to be able to significantly reverse the membership design > in less than a year. Arguably, this decline can't ever be > done. Personally, a prefer a CEO who is spending his time > on a set of small and achievable improvements rather ...
What Might Better Look Like? - Leadership, Governance, Business Model
2) Fortune Whatever Company does not manufacture and sell a single product. The many differing and competing interests within ACBL is likely a more focused endeavor than the Fortune Whatever Company; ACBL's mission might be reduced to: selling bridge.
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
"Worst news I’ve heard in quite some time." You haven't been paying attention to the world.
ATB/UBTJ - hand from sectional swiss
A routine discouraging card seems to have indicated diamond tolerance from west's point of view. I don't think an unusual card should indicate the same.
ATB/UBTJ - hand from sectional swiss
East doesn't know that declarer has two hearts, from his point of view, declarer could have a singleton; he shouldn't be waiting for a second round of the suit to give a signal, should he? What about the J at trick one? That would suggest something unusual, wouldn ...
Suggested Defenses Against a MOSCITO type 1D or 1H opening
Then maybe a change in the response structure would not mean resubmitting the defense. They certainly wanted to know the response structure at one point in the approval process. I could be mis-remembering things, but I believe a more complete description of the method was a part of the approval ...
Suggested Defenses Against a MOSCITO type 1D or 1H opening
"The goal of playing unusual systems should not be to confuse the opponents." How about: to place opponents in unfamiliar situations so they can not so easily rely upon their accumulated knowledge of how to apply their judgment to familiar situations?
Suggested Defenses Against a MOSCITO type 1D or 1H opening
It would seem like seeking approval for a defense to any transfer opening where 1 shows hearts and 1 shows spades would be the way to go. But, it is not that simple. I started out with just that intention by submitting a defense to a 1 ...

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