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Tim Goodwin
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July 27, 2010
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Penalty or Takeout?
Doesn't what 1N-p-2C-2H; p-p-DBL is depend upon what 1N-p-2C-2H; DBL is?
Your verdict
Isn't west entitled to know NS's agreement as to what 3C means after an artificial 2C? If it is indeed natural (as indicated by north's pass), then West had the information he was entitled to when he passed 3C. The fact that South misunderstood the auction and ...
ACBL Mixed Teams CoC
"Why does the gender of the people sitting out matter?" Why does the gender of the people playing matter? I suspect one of the males could have said "I am female for this event" and the team would have been allowed to play.
Why younger players don't want to learn bridge
You don't teach takeout doubles?
Why younger players don't want to learn bridge
Some of these players would be very interested in a game that takes time and effort to master. The inability to play a game of bridge with a few minutes of instruction means that they don't get "hooked" as easily. While five minutes is enough to learn to play ...
Does a hand for this bid exist?
Maybe if the 13th card is another diamond?
Small Sectional Swiss Team Event
"players would find that 'playing up' maximizes their master point expectation" Strength of field adjustments will make no difference if it means that masterpoints are awarded for playing up. What is needed is for playing up and playing down to mean the same masterpoint expectation so that one is not ...
Small Sectional Swiss Team Event
"Nobody ever complains." In the US, one thing we can be virtually sure of is that someone will complain. It is perhaps the case that this difference between the US and "over there" isn't the conditions of contest but rather the attitude of contestants (and people in general).
Robot meltdown
East was a GIB? I'm surprised that GIB ises game tries, I would have expected either pass or 4H, nothing in between.
Potentially Objectionable Content
Well, "president" doesn't get a warning.

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