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Improving the Seeding Process
USBF events also start with a phase that includes shorter matches. I'm sure one of the reasons the WBF starts with a Round Robin is that many teams travel a great distance and don't want to play one match and be done. Not something unreasonable for the ACBL ...
Ed Spear's bidding problem: xx KQx AQJ8 K9xx
Maybe I should have asked if someone had to give back their deposit. Was there an appeal after a slow 3N, a pull, and a director rolled it back to 3N?
Improving the Seeding Process
Brian wrote: Goals of seeding: Create a "fair" bracket. Just like everyone else, I feel that if I seeded the event myself, teams would line up better with actual skill level. However, to me, "fair" doesn't mean the "best" team is seeded number one, etc. "Fair" refers to the ...
Improving the Seeding Process
What about the answer to Adam's first question: what do you consider the goals of seeding? Or, maybe: what should the goals of seeding be?
Improving the Seeding Process
@Adam, I don't think your hypothetical cycle is at all common. Looking back over Blue Ribbon Pair results, maybe Joshua Donn & Roger Lee in 2011? They were both on the #43 seed (out of 77) in the 2012 Vanderbilt (at the first NABC after their win). The Grossacks? They ...
An Elo Rating System for Bridge
Jeff, what team in the Spingold is going to voluntarily take a lower seed?
An Elo Rating System for Bridge
Over time, all players will be equivalently adversely affected by the opponents who bid the uncontested slams. So, no damage.
When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?
How does the tool work for hand shuffled and dealt deals?
Improving the Seeding Process
I'd love to see a dynamic rating system. But, I do not imagine the lack of such is the reason young people aren't flocking to bridge.
Appeal from Kansas City
Suppose that North is allowed to take back his 2 bid as a result of not being properly alerted. The 2 call is UI to East. Or, at east I think it is. How would the auction then proceed? Maybe that is not a LA question, but EW ...

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