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Tim Hill
Tim Hill
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Sept. 27, 2012
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Jan. 7
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bridge player

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ACBL Ranking
Tim Hill & Stewart Rubenstein
two-over-one game forcing, 10-13 notrump non-vulnerable
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Tim Hill & Lisa Procter
two over one game forcing
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Board 6 from the 11/27/2018 Common Game
Whoa! Even if West *does* convert 3NT to 4, why should East envision a slam? Anyhow, it's a terrible slam. As for the play, how does declarer find the A on trick two? Not by leading small toward dummy! Declarer has to start trumps with the Q in ...
Board 24 from the 11/27/2018 Common Game
Wow! The flatest board I've seen in recent memory. Every one of the 16 tables at our club that played it scored up 3NTN3. Common-Game-wide, the score at 81% of 1600+ tables was NS400.
Laws question
As the director whom Robin didn’t call yesterday, I feel I ought to comment, although others have already said much of what I have to say. Assuming the testimony of the other people at the table was consistent with Robin’s statement, I would have ruled that the low ...
Ruling from the Junior Trials
The ACBL Alert Procedures say “A player will not be protected by the Tournament Director if he presumes to know the range of an unannounced 1NT opening bid. Players are expected to protect themselves in this situation because they know by definition that an announcement has been missed. This does ...
May I double?
This isn’t very timely (I just read this thread), but I have to tell you about the last time I was called to rule on a double of CHO’s opening bid. The opening was 1, and doubler had a 5=4=1=3 8-count. After I explained ...

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