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Tim Hill
Tim Hill
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Sept. 27, 2012
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June 20
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bridge player

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Tim Hill & Stewart Rubenstein
two-over-one game forcing, 10-13 notrump non-vulnerable
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Tim Hill & Lisa Procter
two over one game forcing
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Bridge Winners Online Charity Team League EDIT: CANCELED
I can confirm that ACBLscore and ACBL masterpoint rules don't cope with more than 6 on a team.
lebensohl over reverses
You must use stronger WJSs than I. Karen Walker’s example for a non-forcing 2 rebid is ♠QJ9762 ♥93 ♦74 ♣K54. My idea of a WJS is ♠QJ9762 ♥93 ♦74 ♣854.
lebensohl over reverses
Hmm. The above was truncated. … “2♠ shows a weak hand with spades.” The Encyclopedia of Bridge is mute on this subject. Bridge World Standard doesn’t include lebensohl over reverses. Here's the story: IMPs, NS vul. opener: 9 K 6 5 2 K 5 A ...
lebensohl over reverses
Thanks, Henry, I restored the missing card. (Trying to put a hand record in a comment is a pain in the rear!) Re “I've literally never heard of 2♠ being NF in after opener's reverse before. 2♠ can't be weak and passable in a typical US context ...
lebensohl over reverses
1–1; 2–3; 3NT-P? I never promised you a rose garden.
lebensohl over reverses
Thank you all! 5/6 of respondents think 2 is forcing in “standard” lebensohl over reverses. Interesting. A majority of the online sources I had tracked down before posing the question here say 2 is non-forcing. (I couldn’t consult my printed sources, which are at my club ...
lebensohl over reverses
… I (West, in case you hadn’t guessed) thought 2 was non-forcing because that’s what I’d read, because that’s the only way to stop in 2 with misfitting minimums, and because in the other two common lebensohl applications 2 by responder or advancer is ...
Board 6 from the 11/27/2018 Common Game
Whoa! Even if West *does* convert 3NT to 4, why should East envision a slam? Anyhow, it's a terrible slam. As for the play, how does declarer find the A on trick two? Not by leading small toward dummy! Declarer has to start trumps with the Q in ...
Board 24 from the 11/27/2018 Common Game
Wow! The flatest board I've seen in recent memory. Every one of the 16 tables at our club that played it scored up 3NTN3. Common-Game-wide, the score at 81% of 1600+ tables was NS400.
Laws question
As the director whom Robin didn’t call yesterday, I feel I ought to comment, although others have already said much of what I have to say. Assuming the testimony of the other people at the table was consistent with Robin’s statement, I would have ruled that the low ...

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