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New suit after a responsive double is it forcing ?
Benoit, Lawrence has the same treatment in the 2nd edition of the book. It's not just a holdover from the old book; on page 121 of the new edition is the hand AKJ7 J53 AJ108 106. The auction is (1)-X-(2). In the new edition, Lawrence ...
New suit after a responsive double is it forcing ?
Don't get me wrong: I'm good with the "any 2 unbid suit" interpretation. I have just never seen any written source (including the Web, except here) that even discusses this alternative, as good as it may be. I have never read the Hughes book to which Benoit refers ...
petty little odius possibilities; PLOP
I like the 3-card raise idea. Lebensohl would be even better but I don't think it is ACBL GCC-legal. I'm not sure I want to be in a thin 3NT with 8+ hearts out against me, so I don't think I like natural.
New suit after a responsive double is it forcing ?
I can't find a single source that describes (1)-X-(2)-X as showing "any 2 unbid suits" or "3-suit takeout". Every source claims this double shows "majors". Standard may be shifting, but the nebulous 2-suit interpretation is not listed anywhere as standard.
Polly Siegel's bidding problem: KQ65 QJ96 54 QJ7
I follow 2 with 2NT. I would have doubled 1 at my first turn.
Better 2/1 Bidding -- The Nebulous 2!C bid
While I am not disputing the accuracy of Robert Lass's account of his favorable ruling, I will point out that the Nebulous 2 is clearly allowable under GCC RESPONSES AND REBIDS 3: "CONVENTIONAL RESPONSES WHICH GUARANTEE GAME FORCING OR BETTER VALUES. May NOT be part of a relay ...
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