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Tim Verbeek
Tim Verbeek
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March 14, 2013
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6 hours ago
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Bridge Pro

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Winner of 2009 World Youth Pair Championship and Winner of 2015 Open Europeans Team Championship
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Danny Molenaar
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't Onstein
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Pula and the Nationals
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Q and A about Orlando World Bridge Series CoC
@Alvin Levy, is there already something decided on side ko's if you get ko'd early?
Official Spanish Team Statement
@Jeff Well I did exactly the same. Alerting my NV vs V 3rd seat openers, but once I played against Roger Bates (he knwows the laws) and he told me that it is not allowed to have this agreement that 3rd seat opening bids can be very weak. That is ...
Chess champion Emanuel Lasker
That is true Csaba, most switch between both. Most of the times people start as chess player till they find out that bridge is way more fun :)
Chess champion Emanuel Lasker
I'm Dutch and know a couple of players who play both on a high level. Frans Borm has become Dutch champion in chess and bridge, Wim Heemskerk (one of the guys behind Jack)also plays chess on a high level and don't forget Meike Wortel who was junior ...
A hand from the Spingold Round of 32
4 natural and forcing, hope I show this hand in your system. This was before I put the next page button :), but I play 4 as SI with clubs.
ACBLscore Update
Hey Greg and Niklas, We also have the non-scoring part. Every bridgeclub has a page at On these sites you can find all data of the members, like telephone number,address, masterpoints etc. (behind a password). Also contactinformation,information about the costs of a membership of ...
ACBLscore Update
I look as a Dutch guy with some curiosity to this whole discussion. In the Netherlands we have a fantastic scoring system. If you look at you can find the reuults of the latest bridgetournaments and competitions in the Netherlands. Every board is online, with ...
Johnny Kran's Midnight Razzle-Dazzle
Well have to admit, the Dutch guy that was me. The double is something I wouldn't do in a serious competition. QJxx, there would even be a chance that by doubling declarer would finesse it. But after a lot of boards and some alcohol you get a bit reckless ...
Mind Games and the Gender Gap
In the Netherlands we had a sportpsychologist who tested all junior players on this line. Pretty interesting to know where your strong and weak points are. Still use it sometimes.
Quo Vadis?
They lead the HJ, think that will blow the squeeze (good lead!)
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