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Live 4 Clubs and USEBIO files
I can report that L4C officially cannot handle board-a-match files in ACBLScore format, so it does not surprise me that it is not handling at least some USEBIO files.
How should Multi be allowed (if at all) under the Open+ chart?
A good way to demonstrate that Multi (or any convention) belongs in events with fewer conventions is to demonstrate that it has proven not to be problematic at other events. Case in point: the Eastern Mass. unit used to use the GCC (General Convention Chart) in all its events, except ...
A Third Option for Regional KOs - Stratified Swiss KOs
One problem with the Soloway KOS format is that at least district is planning to have 5-team brackets--not because the top bracket might only have 5 teams, but to have all but the bottom bracket have 5 teams. It's a solution to the problem of having too few teams ...
Alex Perlin Wins Second BBO Robot Championship
Well done, Alex!
World-wide Pairs popularity
Because those were the two sessions that it had supported in the past. Originally the World Wide Pairs were Friday only; the ACBL went along with a second, Saturday, session several years ago.
World-wide Pairs popularity
They aren't getting rich off of six extra sessions at $2 per player in fees (less what Ecatsbridge charges for running the event). The extra sessions were added to qualify pairs for the 24-pair tournament in China in October. I have no idea whether the WBF makes money off ...
World-wide Pairs popularity
This is the second year when the WBF has run sessions of the World Wide Pairs in March, April, and May, and not just the two sessions in June. The ACBL has always promoted the June games heavily, and offers extra masterpoints for each. For the other sessions, the ACBL ...
Using BridgeTab on Amazon Fire tablets
Elaine, my club in Massachusetts (the DBC of Winchester) has used BridgeTabs since July 2015. The interface itself has never been a problem. The only disadvantages (for players) compared to Bridgemates are mentioned in Matthew Kidd's article (battery life before needing to recharge, and the occasional mis-tap that sends ...
Web vs. Sections
The section award is capped at 1.50 MPs, but the overall award (0.10 per table, which does not depend on the movement) is capped at 2.50 MPs.
A New Blue Ribbon Pair, II
Each of the diagrams has the 8 in both North and East--I think East should have A43

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