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Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç
Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç
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July 29, 2010
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Genius has its own limitations, however stupidity has no such boundaries!

United States of America

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West Side Bridge Academy, Adana Bridge Club, Adana Slam Bridge Club
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World Championship update
Ty Lars, I found it. Pair-Score-Country-Number of boards MECKSTROTH Jeff - RODWELL Eric 1.00 U.S.A. 287 DUBOIN Giorgio - VERSACE Alfredo 0.86 Italy 96 NYSTROM Fredrik - UPMARK Johan 0.79 Sweden 240 BROGELAND Boye - LINDQVIST Espen 0.77 Norway 336 KALITA Jacek - NOWOSADZKI Michal 0.74 Poland 320 ...
World Championship update
[b]USA 2 in the BB apparently suffered mightily from the last-minute replacement of Grue with Lall[/b] I maybe wrong but I strongly doubt that this is the only reason. Something happened there. These results are way below the capacity of USA2 team. I do not have an inside ...
Bridge is getting harder to play
Omg! LOL
2C-2D-2S-3NT (opponents silent)
Unless 2 was negative and limited to 0-7, why would anyone sane wants to play 2 followed by 2 NT being limited to 5-7 and want to jump to 3 NT just because he has 8 or 9 hcp? Screwing up all the space just to tell partner ...
2C-2D-2S-3NT (opponents silent)
[b]Last, assuming my partner ambush me with a convention we haven't discussed the rule is "if the bid could be natural than it is natural". Consequently, 3NT is natural. One doesn't fantasize partner made up a convention out of no where.[/b] I never said 3 NT ...
2C-2D-2S-3NT (opponents silent)
I used to play 2--2 2--3 NT =4+ card fit and a void (with single direct splinter at 4 level) 4 asks the void. 2--2 2--3 (same, 3 nt asks the void) very weak hands at most 1 control (A=2 K ...
Hasta la vista, visa?
[b]If you want to kill bridge forever, push for a migration to online only.[/b] FWIW, I never advocated online Bridge. I always advocated that at (only) top level events electronics should be used instead of tables and cards. Where you still can see/talk/meet/dance/drink or ...
Hasta la vista, visa?
[b]Reading people is part of live bridge.[/b] Nope, this is a very poor logic IMO that ruins this game. If what you said was true, in order to restore fairness, players should be able to protect themselves from being read by pretending, as they do in poker. To ...
First Official Collusive Cheating Case in Turkey!
[b]I would suggest boycotting those who played with the villain.[/b] Very hard to protest Kalin Karaivanov, a Bulgarian player, who passed away very recently due to a heart attack.
Rowland Reeves's bidding problem: --- QTxxx Jxx KT9xx
Deleted nonsense. I thought we were respondent.

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