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Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç
Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç
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July 29, 2010
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Genius has its own limitations, however stupidity has no such boundaries!

United States of America

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West Side Bridge Academy, Adana Bridge Club, Adana Slam Bridge Club
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Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
[b]Confess I'm surprised to see the late Diego Brenner on the list[/b] I am not. In fact when I read Richard Willey asking his teammates the first name came to my mind was Diego Brenner. I am not joking :)
Ray Yuenger's bidding problem: AKJT 98 AJ8 A943
Technical question: is this 3!h bid forcing
That is an easy 2 NT for me.
1NT or 1C
[b]For the record, I am not sick of people complaining about forum policing, that is their prerogative.[/b] I apologize for the wording, it came out worse than I intended when written. You would not be offended if you saw my face when writing it but that is not ...
What does a hesitation suggest here?
[b]But their opponents would be more than ready to tell the tale of a backfiring attempt to take advantage of UI.[/b] I am having hard time to understand this, David. Say that you are my opponent, my pd hesitated and I took an action which worked very poorly ...
Ray Yuenger's bidding problem: AKJT 98 AJ8 A943
Strict 15-17? If I am opening 1 NT with decent 14s, I am definitely upgrading this. Too many aces and decent spot texture. Very close though. Downside of upgrading is it allows them to bid suit at 1 level which may or may not be a bad thing for ...
1NT or 1C
I am also with Jef and Nicholas on this issue. I am so sick of people forum policing and complaining about this over and over. It just takes 1 mouse click of your time and when/if you think it should have been made as a bidding poll but came ...
If you are going to call TD for this (which is your right of course) you may as well tell the TD to grab a chair and sit next to you for the rest of the event and hope that there are no other players like you who are doing ...
What Is Partner Showing?
I can't answer for Jim but to me it depends on the number of spades. With only 4 and a flat 9 I do not see why we should jump. Having said that, I may jump even with a 7 hcp if i have 5 and xxx ...
What Is Partner Showing?
[b]Timo, the vote should tell you something. What 2♠ is a disagreement that has been discussed many times on Bridgewinners.[/b] You could have a point if Randy and I were debating what 2 should be. We were not. He believes double of 1 promised spades, rest ...

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