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Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç
Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç
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July 29, 2010
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Genius has its own limitations, however stupidity has no such boundaries!

United States of America

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West Side Bridge Academy, Adana Bridge Club, Adana Slam Bridge Club
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Support double vs. suit raise after 1m-(1!h)-1!s-(2!h)
I would too if I played 10-15 hcp openings. Unfortunately I have another **** loads of hand types that fits in 16-21 hcp range that does not hold 3 card .
Support double vs. suit raise after 1m-(1!h)-1!s-(2!h)
All sounds fine and dandy when you have 3 card fit. The question is what to do...god forbid...with hands that has no 3 card but has clearly more than regular opener (I know you know too that there are too many of them in a wide ...
Support Double or not
[b]Perfectly fine to agree this shows three spades. It's just not some trashy weak NT hand, more like a 3-1-5-4 with extras. Partner can return to 3m with a degree of safety. [/b] AFAIK you play 1 in this auction showing 4+ which makes it reasonable ...
Support Double or not
I fail to see the importance and how it can be played as support DBL with a 11-21 hcp wide opening and knowing for sure that pd has only 4. Support Doubles were invented by a player who plays limited openings (strong and 10-15 hcp openings) It is ...
Support double vs. suit raise after 1m-(1!h)-1!s-(2!h)
It is not support DBL for me. It shows a hand with extras either showing diamonds or balanced hand without a stopper. May or may not have 3 card support. (if has 3 card , he has a hand better than bidding 2 and bidding 3 ...
Giovanni Bobbio's bidding problem: A3 AKT854 Q75 A4
I am a simple soul...3 for me.
Who shares responsibility for a bad result?
As others said auction at the table was not perfect but reasonable. What could North do better? Double or 3 NT is his alternative options. 3 NT may win for this deal but far from being a clear action. On the other hand North has enough values and enough cards ...
How many !Ds to respond 1!D instead of 1!S?
If opponents do not interfere it doesn't matter much what you start with. If opponents do interfere (assume they will bid and raise hearts) they both have up and downs, IF a-I started with 1 then it will be almost impossible to compete in diamonds. But we will ...
David Carlisle's bidding problem: A432 A A9876 654
This is what i was about to write.
You be the Comittee .
[b]Not really Terry he is to play as if alert has been made 2 hearts would be a cue bid raise for spades no?[/b] No

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