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Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç
Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç
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July 29, 2010
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Genius has its own limitations, however stupidity has no such boundaries!

United States of America

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Sina Somay, Merter Boybek, Aykut Aksu, Aaron Haspel (Occasionally Richard Pavlicek)
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Adana Bridge Club, Adana Slam Bridge Club
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Four for the price of one
My 3 said I have 5 of them and I am willing to play 4 if pd doesn't like to play here. So I would pass in all 4 scenarios, having already said my balanced hand, spades and club support. (I admit pd may not expect AKQx ...
TD Ruling
Hi Angus. Yes it was held last week. It is annual open Turkish pairs event. No written CC is usual at Turkish events but TBF (Turkish Bridge Federation) is working on it. In Turkey Bridge is recognized as a sport and run under Sport Ministry by government. Involvement of government ...
TD Ruling
[b]my comments were based on the article it indicates "CC says 2♣ shows majors."[/b] That was available to TD later. For whatever reason they neither had it available at the table nor it was requested by opponents during the play or auction.
TD Ruling
Ok thanks.
TD Ruling
What CC writes is what their agreement is, in the event of different idea of what it means by players during the alert procedure. After the incident one of the players conveniently agreeing with the other one just to make the explanation made to the declarer look correct does not ...
TD Ruling
[b]I don’t understand 10 tricks. What am I missing?[/b] I think he decided that declarer would not take finesse had he given correct explanation and cash out his winners, which are 5+1+4 = 10 tricks.
TD Ruling
David, one of the things that people ask a lot is "what is wrong play/defense and how to determine it?" About 2 decades ago I asked Mr. Kooijman about it when he was giving course in Turkey and he said "Not cashing your 2 aces or AK vs 6 ...
TD Ruling
I stand corrected about the appeal. Same person who wrote this to me (Bulent Aslan) also had an appeal decision form attached to his message. That attachment was from another incident. My bad, i will take out the appeal part.
TD Ruling
@ M.C : They thought they were entitled to the result standing.
TD Ruling
Edited and added what their CC says about 2.

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