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Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç
Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç
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July 29, 2010
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Genius has its own limitations, however. stupidity has no such boundaries!

United States of America

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Danailov-Stamatov Win Cavendish Pairs
That is fine but when Steve and Bob wins it 3 times no one mentions the randomness of the results of this event. All of a sudden, a Bulgarian pair wins and they win by a big margin, people talk about the randomness. [b]Check out Bobby and Steve's ...
Balicki-Zmudzinski May Play Freely in EBL!
Ty for the reply, Boye. Someone would not accuse another one out of the blue, you are right, but they may feel like to take someone down with them when they get caught, as they tried to do to you. So you know from first hand that it is not ...
Balicki-Zmudzinski May Play Freely in EBL!
[b]Going forward I think the burden of proof - like with doping - should be on the players' side.[/b] Ok, please tell us how you would prove your innocence when you were accused of knowing your teammates were cheating but waited until they cheated against you. I really want to ...
Danailov-Stamatov Win Cavendish Pairs
[b]Timo, sorry I don't agree with you about field protection.[/b] In the hand you gave example, there is a field protection when only 2 pair was allowed to make 4. So you are giving example to opposite of what you try to defend. There will always ...
Danailov-Stamatov Win Cavendish Pairs
I disagree, read what Dave Aguaman wrote!
Danailov-Stamatov Win Cavendish Pairs
Danailov-Stamatov Win Cavendish Pairs
What you said does not make much of a sense to me Gary. -This is one of the events that it really does not make a huge difference which boards you played against whom. All are invited good players. You have a good field protection. -Levin-Weinstein won it 3 times ...
Danailov-Stamatov Win Cavendish Pairs
You know it is a tuff event when Versace ends up 47th out of 60,
Balicki-Zmudzinski May Play Freely in EBL!
[b]We will not remove any content that has not been flagged, period.[/b] With all due respect to you, Eugene, what you said is not any different than a cop saying "I will not do anything when a citizen tells me someone murdered another on next street, just because ...
Balicki-Zmudzinski May Play Freely in EBL!
This topic is getting pretty ugly since Arno Weber arrived. He is replying the same words, in worse manner than "spam" underneath every sub debate like a child who thinks he will be listened if he screams loud and long enough. [b]"B/Z cheated! Poland cheated! They are cheaters ...

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