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Tirtharaj Chowdhury
Tirtharaj Chowdhury
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April 10
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6 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I'am just an Bridge Player Smile


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
6h i was playing I play x to AQJ10 and i play A stiff K drops, 4h i was playing 4 losers. 2 of s 1 of h and 2 of c all 4 losers were !S A K, !H A, !C AKQ and he just played !D to my AKQ and i had 8 cards in !d then i played a heart then i took it he played again a !d so i cashed trumps and discarded the Club loser's in !D a
Regular Bridge Partners
Debraj Chowdhury
Favorite Tournaments
President Cup.
Favorite Conventions
Don't, RKC and TRF!
BBO Username
Tirtharaj, Tirtharaj5
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Tirtharaj Chowdhury's bidding problem: J53x AQ32 J72 42
1nt 15-17 Hcp
Forcing or not?
I play it non forcing he can pass 3 if you have fit and you can see a game bid game or if not then pass it is non-forcing for me!
“Virtually Every Expert Pair Plays [Insert Convention or Treatment Here]...”
I think Transfer is the one of the greatest conventions in the world!
Grand slam in control. But should it be 7NT?
After 3nt South should have bidden 7nt instead of 7 and we have check in all the suit and if we are ready to play 3nt and 7 so we should also be ready to play 7nt
Key Play at Trick One vs Slam
I think 3 is SP to
Overcall or NOT Overcall
GF hand
Overcall or NOT Overcall
I always overcall even if i have a GF with 5 carder Major so this hand also i overcall!
We should take the trick and play small to A 9 carder in so it can be 2-2 break probably Then i play A then if it is 2-2 then 1 loser in and if 3-1 it can be stiff K of also.
Lead Problem. Are Simulations Believable?
Lead 9 as Doubleton in and looks is better lead

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