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How many !d cards does this 2!d bid show?
3 (transfer to 3NT) and hope it works out.
3!s Response to 2NT Opening: Minor Suit Stayman or Relay to 3NT?
3 is balanced and at least slam invitational asking for a five card suit. 3NT denies, where after four card suits can be bid up-the-line. 4NT is used if no fit is found. If we find a fit, this is shown by responding to an implied ace asking bid.
Reversing in competition - implications arising
So, if not playing support doubles?
Reversing in competition - implications arising
Is it possible to play like this? dbl = good hand, 16+ 2 = natural but limited, good suits, perhaps 4-6 3 = good raise of spades, short hearts
How to make notes with suit symbols?
Sure. PM me your email adress and I can send some files over.
Emily Middleton's bidding problem: AKT643 A9 --- QJ963
I have been thinking about whether 4 should be natural here. I have some trouble formulating a general rule for when a bid in a new suit (when we have found a major) should be natural and when it should be control showing. Do you have such a rule ...
Two-level openings in fourth seat
I play a fourth level 2/2/2 opening as a six card suit. The strength is: "If I opened the bidding 1x and the continuation was 1x-1NT; 2x-3x, I would really wish I could move it back to 2x".
How to make notes with suit symbols?
Yes. That helps, obviously. I agree with Christopher that it has a learning curve but it really is easier and nicer once you get started.
How to make notes with suit symbols?
Very much disagree. I wrote my systems notes in Word previously and and it drove me insane. After starting using LaTeX for notes, I find it not only easier, but better looking, more flexible, and more fun to work with.
A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
Is there anything in the EBU which restricts a pair from playing 2 as "22+ balanced or any hand which is forcing to game"?

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