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Tom Allan
Tom Allan
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June 9, 2012
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10 hours ago
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Bridge Director
about me

Retired Sales Engineer and HS math teacher. Started playing serious bridge  recently after a 25 year hiatus. Can often be found on BBO after 9:00 PM Eastern. Goes by tomnace on BBO.



United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning a free trip to Miami Nationals in 75 where I met my wife
Bridge Accomplishments
about 10 regional championships 1975 Collegiate Championship
Regular Bridge Partners
Mike McGill( finesse 1) Terry Beckman (beckmt)
Favorite Conventions
drury, constructive raises, splinters, BOP doubles, support Dbls, baby NT
BBO Username
Tom Allan
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Allan-Loeb 2/1
2 over 1
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Tom Allan's bidding problem: AKQ9 Q AT765 K83
Assign the Blame/Credit
I like this. Better discuss thou what constitutes "values". As to using Dbl to differentiate between hands with spades and hands with values without spades there was a post a few years ago and I think it was Colby Vernay who stated that the dbl to show less than 3 ...
Donald Lurie's bidding problem: J8732 K9 QJT73 8
Of course but is known to mean occasionally or more frequently. I really do not understand why I cannot get any of my pards to play xyz. Its not hard to learn or remember and it does allow u to show more hands. Its great for some slam hands although ...
Tom Allan's bidding problem: AKQ9 Q AT765 K83
Pard had K 7th of hearts and the Jxx of clubs plus say a queen. That seems a little much for a WJS to me.
Tom Allan's bidding problem: AKQ9 Q AT765 K83
kinda of harsh Gregory. I doubt if anyone who bid did so enthusiastically, but more like Bill above, a little to good to pass.
Tom Allan's bidding problem: AKQ9 Q AT765 K83
this was my thinking too. How often I have discounted that King in their suit and found out it was pulling some weight. Not this time though. 2 is the last make-able contract.
First Official Collusive Cheating Case in Turkey!
whats scary is how long this guy got away with this.
Bob Okker's bidding problem: AT7 AKJ AQJ754 8
This is a text book hand for that principal that I remember seeing in a text book decades ago.
James Huntington's bidding problem: 74 AJT9863 32 K8
funny how much difference the king v the ace of clubs make
David Parsons's bidding problem: 7 KT854 AQJ73 T2
Sabine Aucken recommends aggressively overalling in the suit right below theirs.

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