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The Time Has Come - PPs for the Soloway and changes to PPs required for byes
I think a 20% increase is reasonable. As Dave C. mentioned in the poll thread, this does make the number of PP available at the Fall NABC much larger than the others. Having said that, I strongly suspect that most teams which are bye candidates are going to be at ...
Final Review: 2018 General Conditions of Contest & Special Conditions of Contest for 2018 Open USBC
Feel free to do as you wish, but I would recommend using the Open+ chart throughout rather than limiting it to the KO phase. If the chart gets passed as written in Philly, the intent is the Open+ chart would govern regional open or higher events, both pairs and teams ...
Report on Sequestering Vote
I missed the vote, but I have no problems with the sequestering procedure. I think it is a fine way to avoid a theoretical dumping situation.
VOTE on VP Penalty for both teams in Round Robin match that finishes late
I like the 1 warning/pass idea. As for numbers, no strong feelings but I do think it should ramp up quickly. Maybe 0/2/4/8/16...
Proposed System Regulations Changes to GCOC
Defenses are something that we are still discussing - something that may appear elsewhere in another document (such as Conditions of Contest for example). For the USBF purposes, it seems to me that mirroring the WBF conditions makes the most sense. That would be my personal recommendation.
I've already followed up with Sam, but there are options for "party tables" (not my name) which cater to what he is looking for. The problems with even number of sets of boards in play make skips come into play, making "classical" webs not function the way the should ...
Proposed System Regulations Changes to GCOC
Our subcommittee is putting the finishing touches on what we are proposing, expect it to be posted for feedback on BW sometime this week.
The Videos Speak: Fantoni-Nunes
I don't have an exact break down for you, but I can confirm that both members of the partnership had many multiple chances to lead. Each can be observed leading vertically and horizontally.
The Videos Speak: Fantoni-Nunes
One name I came up with a while ago was "Forcing On One Level" (FOOL). Has a certain irony now. The one time I tried playing it was at the ACBL Gatlinburg regional. For those who are unaware, Gatlinburg is a small town on top of a mountain - making the ...
The Videos Speak: Fantoni-Nunes
The problem with that theory is both members of the partnership are following the pattern. If only one of the pair did the horizontal/vertical thing, I could see it being a subconscious tell. Both members of the partnership having the same tell seems highly improbable, even in the context ...

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