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Tom Edwards
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March 20, 2011
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June 21
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Yeh Brothers Cup 2019
I think it likely he is the one. Many years ago, I played on teams with Bobby and Morris ( a very likeable man and very capable player). He is the founder of Taiwan Semiconductor, the world's largest silicon foundry. According to Wikipedia, he is 87, recently retired as CEO ...
Competitive agreements after partner opens, they overcall 1NT, you X and LHO bids
I think that's fine so long as responder doesn't strain to double 1NT with every 9-count.
Han Peters's bidding problem: 742 K652 AQ AQJ5
It certainly sounds like there's been a bidding misunderstanding. If we can dismiss that possibility, then 6 is clear. You couldn't (hardly) have a better hand for slam opposite a 3 splinter.
How do you play the second double?
Craig, Thanks very much for your very cogent recommendations.
Alfred Abel's bidding problem: AK5 76 QT98765 5
I wouldn't say that 3 was "obvious," but Double is terrible.
How do you play the second double?
Craig, I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether Rubensohl or transfer lebensohl adequately solve the suit ambiguity problems of regular lebensohl. Is there a cost?
Your preferred defenses vs. 1NT
Against a strong 1NT, I'll double with a good hand and a good suit to lead, or most very strong hands. Not with a balanced 15-17. I expect partner to pass most of the time. Against a weak NT, I'll double with less, and I expect partner to ...
Your preferred defenses vs. 1NT
I prefer Reverse Cappelletti X = penalty 2 forces 2 = or Major-minor 2-suiter 2 = both Majors 2 = 2 = 2NT = both minors I like having a penalty double, and I think showing your major immediately is better than regular Capp.
How do you play the second double?
The Renegative Double convention: double shows 4 hearts, invitational. 3 instead show 4 hearts, competitive.
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: T8 KJ9543 AT864 ---
For what it's worth, partner's hand is: ♠ A 3 2 ♥ A ♦ K J 9 3 ♣ A 10 9 7 4

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