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Tom Edwards
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March 20, 2011
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Tom Edwards's bidding problem: K75 --- AKJ8754 AJ4
4 would be leaping Michaels.
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: 53 AK KT983 7653
Practicing using Bridge World Challenge the Champs hands. One East bid 4 and the BW analyst endorsed that call as the strongest possible diamond raise. That bid would never have occured to me. The West hand was AKQJT. Q532 AQ54 -- so the high score was for 7.
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: K764 AKQ963 2 42
Very sorry. There was a typo. In the original post, I omitted East's pass. Now corrected.
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: QT9864 7 86 Q843
I posted the hand to see how far the "Opponent's 4 is a tranfer to our 4" fad could be extended. The actual layout would be the poster child for that fad. 4 makes. 4 makes because pard has a very good hand Axx AQx ...
Eli Jolley's bidding problem: QJx AKxx KJ QTxx
I agree completely that the jump to 3NT after the 4th suit GF shows extras. Many play this as fast arrival, with a minimum. I think that's misguided.
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: J752 A873 32 AQ4
I posted the problem to see if max overcall double was recognizable & popular.
Allen Kahn's bidding problem: A6 AK6 AKJ9762 3
2 sure looks better after the 1 response. I'd bid 3. A big underbid, I know. At matchpoints, at least I'll go plus. As Al Roth would say, "If I can get by this round, I'll know what to do."
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: K953 9862 T9872 ---
This hand was held by a friend who is a Women's World Champion. I was her LHO. The auction screams for a spade lead, but her partner wasn't listening and led a diamond. Making 7. A club lead would result in Down 2 (2 spades and 2 ruffs ...
David Boxley's bidding problem: A5 AQT72 T75 A92
In most of my partnerships, I'd bid 3 because we play nebulous 2 and 2/1 would show 5+ diamonds.
Steve Myerson's bidding problem: 6 QJ975 KT3 AT62
I'd bid 3 intending to convert partner's 3 to 4, in tempo.

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