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Tom Edwards
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March 20, 2011
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Tom Edwards's bidding problem: --- AQT6 AQ62 AKJ64
For the Record In a Swiss, both players holding the problem hand overcalled 2. At the other table, 2 was passed out for +170. At our table, the bidding went 1D 2C P P X(?) 2D 2S P P 3S P 3NT 4S 4NT P P P --- AQTx ...
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: AKT J874 K AT753
If the opening lead is a spade, 5 makes easily. If they can find a diamond opening lead to the ace, and a heart return, then declarer has a guess, and might go down.
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: Q7 K6 AKQT742 J9
I know it's not legal in ACBL. That's why I specified that it was a BBO game.
Susanna Laan's bidding problem: Q6 KT432 --- AKQJT2
What is meant by "shape relay?"
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: 9 A92 652 AKJ542
For the Record: Pard is a firm believer in the (misguided?) idea that 4 is a "transfer" to 4. He held: QT7xx x AKJxx Qx. There is a spectacularly bad trump split in 4X. East held: AKJxxxx x Qxx xx. Both 5 and 4NT can be ...
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: Q7 K6 AKQT742 J9
Gambling, no side aces or kings. Not the best agreement at this vulnerability. That bid didn't occur to me. I was mostly interested to see how many would open 1NT.
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: 4 Q985 JT97 Q962
For the record, pard's hand was x KJxxx AKxx KJx There are no bids that lead to a plus. A Pass yields 4X+1 -990. Bidding is better and leads to 5X-2 or 5X-2 -500.
Douglas Kuschner's bidding problem: J8 A8754 954 T43
This would be a nightmare problem at imps. At matchpoints, it's just a gamble.
Marko KučAn's bidding problem: A4 97 KQT9 KQ965
It depends on whether we are playing up-the-line responses or a Walsh style.
Rowland Reeves's bidding problem: 853 KQ4 AJ7 A872
The first time I've seen the same hand posted by two people. What's the story?

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