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Steve Tyer's bidding problem: KQ96 A63 KQ53 T2
Steve, I think that with good methods, slam is very biddable after a 1NT opening.
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: A73 52 KQ5 KQJ74
This is a hand from Kit Woolsey's excellent new book, "The Language of Bridge." He recommends bidding 3 as a signoff in what he says rates to be a safer partial than 2NT. He may be right, but I admit that 3 wouldn't occur to me ...
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: T4 6 754 KJT8752
At the table, 3 had the effect of keeping the opponents from bidding a good 6.
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: 975 AKQT4 KT3 64
At the table, 3 is the winning bid. Whatever you bid, LHO will arrive in 5. Only a heart lead beats it.
Louis Dekker's bidding problem: Q732 A975 T KQ92
5 assuming my RHO is not a known lunatic.
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: KT84 KJ96 K43 97
Agree. This hand is the reason people play XYZ.
Shailesh Gupta's bidding problem: Kxxx x 9xxx AJxx
You're right that this is a concern. But in decreasing order of importance, bidding is about (1) find the right strain, (2) find the right level, and (3) right side the contract.
Shailesh Gupta's bidding problem: Kxxx x 9xxx AJxx
In a fixed partnership, when opponents open and raise a major, I play that 2NT is a mixed or limit raise. In a pickup partnership, you have to choose between the underbid simple raise and and the overbid cue bid.
What is 1NT - 3C(puppetish) - 3D - 4m?
On the auction 1NT-2; 2-3NT responder will ordinarily not have only one 4-card major. A primary advantage to these methods is concealing opener's distribution. So with one 4-card major and GF values, responder should use puppet.
What is 1NT - 3C(puppetish) - 3D - 4m?
Using these methods, responder can't use puppet Stayman with two 4-card majors. He must start with regular Stayman.

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