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Tom McGuire
Tom McGuire
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July 2, 2010
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11 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I live in Oakland CA where I am a freelance advertising writer.

United States of America

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Beating Barry Crane's team in a Swiss
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mastered many finesses
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Bronze Life Master
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Thank You Lew Stansby
I was also struck by Lew's comment: “It’s time to acknowledge that bridge is never going to be an Olympic sport. Except for drug testing and decisions of committees of bridge players being overturned by courts, I haven’t seen much progress.” It's encouraging to see a ...
What event would you play in?
Open Pairs is first choice. BAM is second.
ACBL CEO: Post-Mortem
Ray -- that is a YUGE point!
ACBL CEO: Post-Mortem
Should the mission of the ACBL be to "repopularize bridge?" My first reaction is that bridge was popular in a different moment of popular culture. Its time in the spotlight has likely passed. But at one time I thought the same about coffee. It was for old people and terribly ...
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
Yu, the ACBL and the WBF seem to be intent on making the creation of an alternative a reality. Let us hope they succeed. There have been other bridge leagues here in the USA prior to the ACBL.
What does this 4Heart bid mean ?
Michael Kopera -- is that the Goldman Slam Try that Mike Lawrence often advocates?
Hobson's Choice
William Safire wrote about this on many occasions. "Thomas Hobson ran a rent-a-horse agency for the hard-riding scholars of Cambridge, England. His system was not customer-friendly: renters could take only the next available horse, thereby saving wear and tear on the more popular models. This led the poet Thomas Ward ...
Phillip Alder on NPR April 28th
I will tune in.
What are the ethical obligations?
I double like Lynn's response. It is the declarer's responsibility to check the cc or ask "leads and carding?"
Referring to newbies as "Novices"
My beef is with seasoned players who list their playing level on BBO as "novice." Please. Way too twee. Just admit to "expert," "world-class" or whatever. Zia may be the worst offender with his self assessment as "beginner." Yeah, we all are improving and we all make mistakes, but come ...

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