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Tom Moore
Tom Moore
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May 23, 2013
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10 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Became a ACBL member in the Army serving in Germany.  1968

Been a director for several years.

On Unit 183 Board  for three years.

Instructor: Easybridge!, Better Bridge, Learn Bridge in a Day?, and TAP certified.

Regualar ABTA member.

All 5 of my grandchildren are ACBL members and have all played in Youth NABCs. 

Worked in computer sales and support before retirement.

Did Dallas Unit 176 web page back when few were on the internet, then a new concept. Currently do local club's webpage(  Do various bridge utilities to fill in bridge composer(not accepted by bridge composer), bridgemates, and reporting to the common game situations.

Get to play bridge about 2 times a month, go to tournaments to get a chance to play.






Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Have many, but having our team Kibitzed by 3 players I knew were on the top 500 list, wondering who our opponents must be.
Bridge Accomplishments
Obtaining a silver ribbon with essentially brand new duplicate players in NABC Senior Swiss Teams; a few years later they realized the importance of the 11 Gold points they had won. Awarded Texas Star by District 16 for Bridge Contribution.
Regular Bridge Partners
My Spouse - Dorothy
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Arlington Duplicate Bridge Club (Texas)
Favorite Tournaments
NABCs in new places; Regionals - OKC; Gatlinburg and local
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
3 Games, divided by a common name
Max, I'm starting to get lost in your discussion. I felt you were stating that ACBL (should or is) providing 3 types of games. Expert - NABC events Tournament - Most sectional and regional events most Regional evnts, Plus most typical club open games. Casual - limited games masterpoint And that anyone ...
How to Kill the Game
As BW players I know all of you expect greatness from your partner's and you seldom use "Well done partner". As a director of novice games I will tell you that "Well done partner" is often expressed when their partner that often goes down, makes a contract. So often ...
Don if I understand your proposal, why not. Open field, pairs would be classified into two separate sub-fields men and women. Why not add MX - mixed pairs as well. We now have like a dog show. Men winners, Woman Winners, Mixed Winners along with Best of Show (oops) Best of ...
Is opening 2C with this hand an illegal psychic?
Side comment - legal or not, distributional hands like this opened 2clubs I typically see the following. Typically get an overcall of a long suit solid suit, partner indicates the other suit or a positive value and then continues in their own suit(spades for this hand) assuming I have a ...
Quick question about seeding a STAC Swiss team event
Follow up: Our STAC today (Sunday 12/18/2016) was 14 tables. Fairly wide range of masterpoints - Strats were open/2000/750 teams within each strat 4/4/6. No initial assignment effort - buy an entry you got the next team number.
Why Locals don't attend NABC's
Follow up. Unrelated to thread - from ACBL masterpoint plan. GOLDEN AGE MASTER – a member who is age 70 or older and has at least 300 masterpoints of any color recorded by ACBL, or a member who is at least 80 years old and has at least 100 masterpoints of any ...
Why Locals don't attend NABC's
Thanks for the Gatlinberg information. Many may like to review Matthew Kidd's Tournament Travel Distance article It appears to have more specific data than above for the 2015 NABCs,since it uses the city names for distances rather than state.
Why Locals don't attend NABC's
Anyone want to run the stats for Gatlinburg. Not the middle of Kansas (like the upcoming K.C. NABC) but a more central site than the 2016 NABCs.
Victory Point Scale Questions
Paul your point is well taken. It is always amazing that - with only 4 rounds of 6 boards - no matter the initial seeding or VP scale. The final results correlate well with the actual strength of the teams. Oh and most important thanks for this article, since we had a ...
Victory Point Scale Questions
Thanks Paul and David for your comments. Actually as director I have noticed this since the results assignments are much quicker for our 20+ table games and looking at the matches at our last round (and finals) seeing the disconnect from number of wins to actual placing. Not one member ...

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