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Tom Moore
Tom Moore
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Basic Information

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May 23, 2013
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13 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Became a ACBL member in the Army serving in Germany.  1968

Been a director for several years.

On Unit 183 Board  for three years.

Instructor: Easybridge!, Better Bridge, Learn Bridge in a Day?, and TAP certified.

Regualar ABTA member.

All 5 of my grandchildren are ACBL members and have all played in Youth NABCs. 

Worked in computer sales and support before retirement.

Did Dallas Unit 176 web page back when few were on the internet, then a new c

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Have many, but having our team Kibitzed by 3 players I knew were on the top 500 list, wondering who our opponents must be.
Bridge Accomplishments
Obtaining a silver ribbon with essentially brand new duplicate players in NABC Senior Swiss Teams; a few years later they realized the importance of the 11 Gold points they had won. Awarded Texas Star by District 16 for Bridge Contribution.
Regular Bridge Partners
My Spouse - Dorothy
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Arlington Duplicate Bridge Club (Texas)
Favorite Tournaments
NABCs in new places; Regionals - OKC; Gatlinburg and local
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Open Kansas City Discussion Thread
Ditto - one of the if not the BEST NABCs I've attended. Played in the regional events only. Overall the friendliest events ever. Only problem was when leaving Sunday, the Sheridan goofed up our bellhop request - took over an hour to get bellhop to room. On the plus side with ...
Open Kansas City Discussion Thread
In our experience - a sectional or regional can change the lower strat to make a valid overall field. Officially to do so the strat section of the tournament flyer should state "Strats may change at the director's discretion" I think the statement is implied at the NABCs. Post results ...
They did it to me again
Craig, Martin in agreement and to Barry: Being one of the terrible (weaker) players in club open games, in my opinion Barry you may have already misplayed this hand against us. With diamond AQJxx plus another honor card you would have heard a 2 diamond overcall with most weaker players ...
Mentor game - Ideas. Call for ideas.
Very true Steve. Please note to all actual bridge is not all that occurs in these games. It is important that the mentor takes the time to introduce their partner to other open players. Some mentoring instructions at one site (I think it was Houston) said the role of the ...
Mentor game - Ideas. Call for ideas.
Jeff in our case the assigned expert picked the hands from the session he found interesting. Again the real value came when he discussed bidding sequences or defensive play from many levels. But looking at travelers he might find a team that found a game or slam no one else ...
Mentor game - Ideas. Call for ideas.
Jeff, we have had this event a couple of times, well attended and I'm wondering why we haven't done it in the past year or so. Over 70% of the players stayed after the event. In our case the expert is one of the top amatures in the ...
Mentor game - Ideas. Call for ideas.
Since we have mentor games: Quick at the table comments at the table should be made and not only are valuable to the pair in play but also to other pair prodigy(mentee) as well examples include. - Did you notice my defense signal? or Did you mean to discard signal ...
Do people hate round robins?
I agree Michael and that is the point - the term Round Robin in ACBL land for teams is not well defined and thus the odd responses in this article. In the current Swiss guide the term used for section A and B for head to head matches is companion tables ...
Do people hate round robins?
There are two commonly referenced documents from ACBL. Swiss team guide. and The newest one and I hoped most used. Guide for Holding Swiss Team
Do people hate round robins?
Thanks Gordon. That is a great and proper technical descriptive phrase - but it sure isn't as catchy as the often misused Round Robin. But next time I do the 1 up 1 down and someone says I don't know how this Round Robin is working I'll say ...

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