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Tom O'Reilly-Pol
Tom O'Reilly-Pol
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Jan. 31, 2012
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Every time a squeeze comes together
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Reverse bidding with 4-4
The 5-3 fit won't be lost with modern tools like Wolff over 2NT rebids.
Reverse bidding with 4-4
The harm is the decrease in precision on reverse sequences. Give partner some 5=2=2=4 7 count. Where do you want to end up, and what sequence gets you there? Now give him a 4=3=2=4. Now try giving partner a hand that thinks about slam ...
finesse or squeeze
You're correct that I didn't consider that layout. I also consider it unlikely enough not to cater to it. Your line of cashing the A early requires not just the read of the king with LHO, but also that are 3=4 instead of 4=3 ...
finesse or squeeze
This should be cold, right? RHO must have J10 for LHO'S plays to make any sense. Cash the , pitching the 3 small from hand. Cross to the Q. Cash the Q, pitching a from dummy. Cash the AK. If on the second , there's still ...
2 ♣ Multi
So I give up all of my weak 2 openings so I can scare the opponents out of competing when I have a normal hand with both majors?
Away from Tannery Row
But then will the drinks still be on you?
Really? Who ever downgrades, let alone downgrading a 17hcp with a 5 card suit, good spots, and as many aces as quacks?
1 seems unimpeachable. Don't think you can downgrade the hand out of 16+
The "New NT" (a.k.a., the Self-Rescuing Kamakazi NT)
Yeah, I don't understand why responder with a balanced 9 count doesn't want to pass.
Question about incorrect claims.
So, declarer claimed not on lead, with trumps outstanding, and without facing their hand, and you and your partner both accepted it?

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