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Tom O'Reilly-Pol
Tom O'Reilly-Pol
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Jan. 31, 2012
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ATB - Matchpoints, grand played in second best game
I can see this being a but murky for 2 reasons. 1) Is pass stronger or weaker than 4 after the double? 2) The old adage goes partner plays you for about 7 points after they preempt. Does that still apply after partner has shown extra strength? I would ...
Which club?
The only unambiguous spot ever is the 2. If partner has to play for J9 tight or stiff 9, he will play for stiff J. If he can play for another line, he probably will after the 9. I'd believe the J as stiff or alarm clock if I ...
Which club?
I'd only play the jack when I have 4 if I had a pointed void.
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: 8 AQT32 KT7 J986
There aren't many shapes that are inconvenient over 1. To have the strength to cue bid, you don't have a stopper and are exactly 3=3=3=4, 3=4=2=4, or 3=4=3=3, and decided against the off shape negative double; or ...
Steven Mcgrahan's bidding problem: QJT932 KJ3 2 QJ3
Sorry, I must've been changing the hand as I was making it. Make the K the ace, and game is on finesse through the opener. Make the Q the ace and it's on a finesse through responder. Make a small club to a small spade and you have ...
Ping Hu's bidding problem: KJ643 AKJ J A854
The initial double is the third choice for me. 1 is far ahead of 1NT which is ahead of X. The double suffers from a very poor suit for X then bid. If you moved the A to , I would have more sympathy for X.
Ralph Letizia's bidding problem: --- KQJ95 Q8 AKQ972
It's a 3 loser hand with maybe 2 defensive tricks. Down 1 doubled beats the spade partials. I'd probably bid 5 absent the pause, and feel fairly constrained with the pause.
Steven Mcgrahan's bidding problem: QJT932 KJ3 2 QJ3
So the stiff and extra length mean nothing? Partner is supposed to bid again with Kxx Qxxx AJxx xx?
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ATB: 2/1 Problem
I don't think it's uncommon to play only one level bids are forcing over a double. At least, that's how I play.

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