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Nov. 28, 2014
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David Parsons's bidding problem: --- 654 AT975 QT652
Where do wasted spade values that only take tricks on defense fit into your calculations?
Ed Judy's bidding problem: Q7 AQT852 A74 T4
I think your 3 new suit bid should be forcing to game. Therefore opener's 3 rebid is also forcing to game but does not show extra values. It just shows lack of direction. Opener's 4 rebid over 3 should be forcing and therefore game ...
Patrick Gaudart's bidding problem: AK Ax Jxxxx Qxxx
What does UCB stand for?
Ed Judy's bidding problem: Q7 AQT852 A74 T4
Because stopping in exactly 4 is too narrow a target to be practical. I could be more helpful if I knew what auctions you think could stop below game.
Saying "West makes unsound initial actions, therefore he uses bad judgment at the end of auctions" is just as unsound a piece of reasoning as anything that happened in the actual auction.
Ed Judy's bidding problem: Q7 AQT852 A74 T4
Seems like we forced to game when we bid 3. I think this is a minimum assuming the Q is as bad as it looks. Partenr is under a lot of pressure and 3 could be almost anything.
David Liu's bidding problem: AJT AKT5 J6 8643
When would partner respond 1 instead of 1?
Raphael Hallerman's bidding problem: AKQ986542 KT KQ ---
If you had to guess what do you think North opened? I'm thinking something like x/Jxx/Axxx/AKxxx. If you bid 6 you can ruff the club lead and make seven If you bid 5 and arrive in 6 the A lead will hold you ...
Raphael Hallerman's bidding problem: AKQ986542 KT KQ ---
Is there a "standard" for exclusion responses? If 5 shows zero useful keycards and 5 asks for the Q then this really isn't working.
David Sackett's bidding problem: K3 K9652 7 AKT72
I think a lot of people would play 4 as Last Train and not specifically a heart control.
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