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Nov. 28, 2014
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Living in Maryland with Mary, my wonderful wife and frequent partner.

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Mindless revoke
Michael, I think you drastically overestimate the ability of Directors to restore equity in clubs and many lower-level tournaments. We desperately need Law changes that reduce the frequency of rulings requiring good bridge judgment and subtle legal understanding. Out in the hinterlands where 99% of ACBL bridge is played, MI ...
Your thoughts on whether Alerts or Explanations are required or should be required or voluntarily should be done
Prior to the last great reformation of the alerting system, the ACBL required alerts of virtually everything in OP. The ACBL made a conscious effort to put an end to this and you can see the results in the current alert regulations which explicitly say not to alert many of ...
Your thoughts on whether Alerts or Explanations are required or should be required or voluntarily should be done
"Most of these are negative inferences and therefore non-alertable in ACBL land." Please stop repeating this harmful urban legend. The ACBL does not have a rule that negative inferences are not alertable. A great many negative inferences are alertable.
How far do you have to go in "protecting" your opponents?
Considering North's remarks, I find it impossible to accept that both North and South have agreed that 1NT by a passed hand shows 12-14 HCP. Therefore South's explanantion is MI.
A better rating system
Richard, a 68 is just a measure of how much better you are than an average rated player. If the collective skill level changes then ratings will not be comparable. Real rating systems also have an annoying tendency to inflate or deflate for a wide range of reasons. Keeping them ...
A better rating system
Racing to take down the Power Rating of a recently deceased player doesn't feel respectful or sensitive to me. Some of us prefer to remember those we have lost.
3NT or 4 Hearts?
432 is a warning sign. It's another way for the 3NT bid to lose.
How would you rule?
2 - (P) - 2 - (2) 3 - (P*) - 4 - (4) P - (P) - P * Slow Responder has KQJT/xxx/xxx/Axx I think passing out 4 is an ESE for anyone other than a beginner.
Which is more likely for them to balance?
It's "standard" that this double of 1NT is penalties asking for a diamond lead. I used quotation marks because very many players are completely unaware of this old rule and assume it must be takeout. Others are aware of the rule and choose to play takeout anyway. That makes ...
Inverted Minor holding a 4-card major
If you are going to play inverted minors with 4-card majors you should make some agreements about competition. One candidate agreement is that a double of a 2 overcall shows four hearts.
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