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Roland Voigt's lead problem: JT6 Q43 K942 JT7
Sorry, the clubs are stronger. In all seriousness partner seems to have the values to overcall 1 but did not. I think the club lead is clear at IMPs and I'm willing to try it at matchpoints.
Michal Czerwonko's bidding problem: 652 AKQ9753 A AT
A diamond lead against 3NT could destroy the timing to develop a spade trick and give us a bad matchpoint score. I'm doubling to see if we can get +500. There will be time to make a unilateral mistake later on.
Nicholas France's bidding problem: 64 A6 QJ832 9432
Assuming is foolish when I can ask questions. I'm going to be on lead in a moment anyway, so no harm in asking before I pass. Does 1 suggest 5+ (Flannery is popular where I live)? How often does opener raise on 3-card support?
Dave Waterman's bidding problem: Q84 7 AK64 KQ754
Where is the heart suit? Bid and you are likely to find out. In addition to the obvious danger that partner will bid hearts, it is very possible that opponents are in the wrong trump suit.
Selena Pepić's bidding problem: 63 QT4 KQ83 AQJ4
Agreed, 2 is too clever. If partner doesn't have four spades he will rebid 3 or 3 and then what do we do?
Ruling: Unsolicited play by dummy on the twelfth trick
I think East committed the irregularity of playing out of turn. Legally speaking, Dummy never played to trick 12. Only Declarer can do that. Dummy merely placed a card in the played position. The Laws make it abundantly clear that East is going to be completely protected in this scenario ...
Ruling: Unsolicited play by dummy on the twelfth trick
It might be proper but it isn't normal.
Gerry Gassman's bidding problem: --- QT87 K653 Q6532
Your hand is not worth 12 support points unless you can play the hand in partner's 5-card suit. In other words he needs to have a 5-card suit and you need to figure out what it is. For example if you play in a 5-3 club fit the void ...
Gerry Gassman's bidding problem: --- QT87 K653 Q6532
It's not practical to play the double promises four hearts. It leaves you without a reasonable call on too many hands. Normal practice is to hope the doubler has four but recognize he will often have three and on rare occasions less.
Simon Cope's bidding problem: A9742 KQ853 9 87
I suspect that opener has secondary diamonds for his breach of discipline and is very short in the majors. A grand slam that depends on avoiding a 4-0 trump split may not be so good.
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