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Director call in local club
1 - (3) - ? xx/xxxxx/x/AJxxx Do you really think most players won't bid 4 and worry about their so-called agreements later? The 2NT bid allows opener to bid 4NT with assurance that this won't happen. That has value. Does that mean that 4 ...
Ethics applied to a playing director
Giving average minus to the Director's partner defeats the purpose of having a playing director.
Director call in local club
With a strong raise and slam interest it is normal to cuebid 4. 4 shows some mixture of high cards and distribution that has reasonable hopes of making game. But often that involves more shape and fewer high cards than OP's 2NT bid.
Director call in local club
It's doubtful whether 4 is a comparable call. It is often a hand much weaker in high cards than the minimum for 2NT. If this had been handled properly and the Director allowed 4 as a comparable call, he should consider awarding an adjusted score under Law ...
Director Ruling
Drury is a special case because especially at lower levels mistaken bids are often the result of responder forgetting that he is a passed hand. This can easily happen even when the partnership agreement is 100% solid.
Director Ruling
A 2 bid "because 2 is Drury" is not unrelated to the infraction. Extremely serious error is off the table.
Director call in local club
Law 72C applies to West's remark and failure to call the Director: "If the Director determines that an offender could have been aware at the time of his irregularity that it could well damage the non-offending side, he shall require the auction and play to continue (if not completed ...
Director Ruling
Drury 2 usually shows 4-card support. What was the actual explanation?
Are Gazilli jump-shifts non-alertable?
From the ACBL Alert Procedures: "Part 1 – Natural Calls Most natural calls do not require Alerts. If the call promises about the expected strength and shape, no Alert is necessary. Treatments that show unusual strength or shape should be Alerted." The jump shift sounds strong and forcing but is weak ...
“implied fit”
The OP is very confusing. I understand his question to be as follows. First hand opens 1. Second hand has distribution A, B, or C. Which of these distributions gives second and fourth hands the best chance for an 8-card spade fit? This is the idea advanced in some ...
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