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Ethics issue or not?
I hate the title. East made a bidding mistake and in the subsequent confusion she committed an infraction by passing. That doesn't make this an ethics issue. Stop calling it that. No one would be saying "ethics" if she had passed out of turn. This should be no different ...
It was not easy to find. The Director is Keith Wells and you need to scroll down a little bit to find it.
Director, please!
"As an illustrative example (not against novices but the law is the same for everybody), at the summer festival last weekend I opened 1NT on a 2336 shape and the auction proceeded 1NT (2♥) p (p) 3♣ 4♠ AP, at which point LHO explained that 2♥ should have been alerted ...
Director, please!
Both players think 2 is "Michaels". I don't see how the alert procedure by itself could tell East that he has bid with the wrong pair of suits.
"7. CONVENTIONAL RESPONSES, REBIDS AND A CONVENTIONAL DEFENSE TO AN OPPONENT’S CONVENTIONAL DEFENSE after natural notrump opening bids or overcalls with a lower limit of fewer than 10 HCP or with a range of greater than 5 HCP (including those that have two non-consecutive ranges) and weak two-bids which ...
Director, please!
4 is cold on the actual diamond lead or a trump lead.
Club UI problem
Bidding 5 is an attempt to get back what EW already had in 4 before the irregularity. West has no way of knowing he will be doubled in 5. Doubling 5 and trying for +800 with +620 for 4 in the bank would be an ...
GCC: "1. CONVENTIONAL BALANCING CALLS." But there are restrictions on natural balancing notrump overcalls :-( So anything goes as long as it is artificial.
Director, please!
"Both pairs are newer players" I can't blame NS for calling the Director. This is irregular enough that it deserves a look. There is no mention in the OP of NS doing any more than that. Seems like this is entirely the Director's fault. It is his responsibility ...
Club UI problem
The real point is starting a thread to see how we would rule without a poll isn't useful. Create a bidding poll and we all might learn something and then have a useful discussion about the ruling. Otherwise the answer is as follows: I'm going to rule by ...
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