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Nov. 28, 2014
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Michal Czerwonko's bidding problem: AT9742 K5 J98 42
The K isn't worth much. The problem with bidding is that even if you belong in 2 your partner won't allow you to play it. No matter how much he has he will end up bidding more than you can make and you will suffer a vulnerable ...
David Parsons's bidding problem: T84 QJ3 J542 Q32
In contested auctions it is imperative to raise partner's suit immediately before the auction gets away from you. This is one of the most important bidding principles and it is true across a very wide range of situations. Would it be nice to have a different bid in your ...
Max Schireson's bidding problem: A8432 96 7 AQT76
The good thing about overcalling 2 is you can conveniently show both suits. The bad thing about overcalling 2 is you pretty much have to show both suits. Even if the bidding continues (2) - P - (4) - ? you will feel you need to bid 4. This ...
I've never seen this before
In a club game, when I get up to get a snack or whatever I just ignore what is happening at the tables I pass. A 6NT bidding card sitting on top of a board might not be so easy to block out.
Unusual action with UI
"I think allowing successful actions that were taken purely because of UI is harmful. It's upsetting to the opponents, and gives a reward to bad actors." That's a fine sentiment. The problem is that with rare exceptions the Director does not know why a bid was made. It ...
I've never seen this before
Determining the contract does not require memory either.
What could be more natural than bidding more hearts with an 8-card fit, but introducing alternative strains with a 7-card fit? Establishing which suit is trump must have a much higher priority than making a nuanced level decision between 3 and 4. If both players understand and apply ...
Ruling on Misinformation
I'm saying it takes a long time for a Director to do even one thorough poll with a proper sample size of legitimate peers, careful explanation of the problem, and appropriate follow up questions. There aren't enough Directors to make every ruling this way. Nor are there enough ...
Ruling on Misinformation
The resources to do thorough polling in every situation where it could be helpful simply don't exist.
Is this a correct ruling?
Dummies who play singletons create problems. What if it is trick 1 and Declarer wants to ask for a review? What if a card turns out to be on the floor or mixed into another suit? What if the defensive lead is out of turn? What if Declarer wants to ...
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