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The 5 level belongs to: __________
How can players agree to open 1 with 13 HCP and a 5-card suit when they might get doubled and go for -1400? Because bridge is a game of probabilities and the odds favor making this sort of agreement. In the same way, the fact that advancer might have ...
The 5 level belongs to: __________
By "cannot" I mean "must not". Is that clearer?
How would you rule?
I mishear opposing Declarers quite often. Some players have soft voices, some have difficult accents, others are just hard to understand. Sometimes it happens for no obvious reason. But it's never a problem because I wait for Dummy to move the card before playing. If Dummy moves an unexpected ...
The 5 level belongs to: __________
You realize that responder sometimes does bid 5 with a "moose"? There is a circularity problem here. NS cannot make a bidding agreement that depends on the EW bidding agreement about a future call. NS agree to play "trap raises" against forcing passes and normal raises against nonforcing passes ...
Draft ACBL Convention charts and using bidding judgement
I believe that is the proposal. If it is illegal to make an agreement to call X with hand Y, then it is also illegal to make a judgment exception that results in calling X with hand Y.
Announcement Required?
Or you could just overcall 2 and let your four spades be everyone's problem. Responder has trouble showing his values because he probably doesn't have enough spades to double. If he does manage to double, it could be awkward for opener who probably doesn't have support.
Draft ACBL Convention charts and using bidding judgement
The reason for the 10-point minimum is ... I don't really know. The reason for not allowing exceptions to the official minimum is to create a level playing field.
Yehudit Hasin's bidding problem: AKQJ T AKJT AJT4
I am shocked to learn that a very difficult hand for my bidding system could be easily solved if only I had the good sense to be playing a completely different system.
Alexander Allen's bidding problem: --- x Kxx QJT98xxxx
That players polled think pass is an LA does not prove that it is. Players are not good at judging what other players would do. That's why we need polls instead of having Directors and their expert consultants decide what the LAs are. As far as the poll results ...
Announcement Required?
Ed, as I said already, there is a lot of variation in how people bid. Playng ELC, after (1H) - Dbl - 2C, intervenor with a big 4-2-5-2 or similar shaped hand is in a bad situation. In my view, jumping to 3 with 17 points and 5 diamonds is a ...
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