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Opinion on a director's ruling.
John, I was just reacting to this: "I do expect that the rules should be learned at a lower level of competition." That's an unreasonable expectation of overseas players who only visit the ACBL to play in NABCs. It's also ridiculous that a player in an event was ...
Opinion on a director's ruling.
"The opponents were from another country."
Opinion on a director's ruling.
"it’s unusual for foreign players to know this one situation is the only alertable natural call in the ACBL." There are many natural calls that are alertable under ACBL rules.
Paul Hightower's bidding problem: A732 AK9753 7 A8
You assume correctly
Robb Gordon's bidding problem: 6 Q8742 A75 AQ76
"Did the owner of this hand squirm for some time and reluctantly then pass" If you think about it, this is not the problem you would be given in that case. More likely dealer's initial pass was the source of the UI.
Flannery Alert and then . . .
If asked, West should explain that 2 is a natural signoff with preference for spades. If asked, East should explain that they have never discussed 3 and it has never come up before (assuming this is true).
Bizarre insufficient bid
Why do we even care about comparable calls? What is the harm in letting offender bid whatever he likes? The answer is offender's partner heard the illegal bid and now has information that he shouldn't have. If we allow offender to bid whatever he likes then offender's ...
Flannery Alert and then . . .
Very instructive example
Flannery Alert and then . . .
I mean if I were West in OP I would explain that 2 was a signoff indicating preference for spades over hearts because that's the actual partnership agreement. The fact that I have 2=2=6=3 or that partner's explanation jogged my memory would not make ...
Flannery Alert and then . . .
In almost all cases we are talking about bad players making horrible bidding errors and getting a good result by sheer luck. It's just a fix. Why should there be any redress unless they did something else wrong?
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