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Tom Peters
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Nov. 28, 2014
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Lame Claims
"Continue play means I can accept a lead out of turn." Continue play means West is on lead. As Dummy if I even agreed to continuing play I would caution my partner against leading out of turn.
Lame Claims
"West shows ♣K and claims a trick." This seems really unethical assuming it was intentional. If West wants to call the Director and ask for a ruling that is his right. It's also a valid choice not provided in the poll. But here West is making his own doubtful ...
Lame Claims
It's only a lead out of turn if he actually leads out of turn. Instead he has claimed. Regardless of what Declarer says in his claim statement, the Director should base his ruling on a legal line of play.
TD please
There is no such ACBL policy. If 3 is a heart raise it must be alerted.
TD please
I can't imagine bidding 1 with an 8-card suit.
TD please
I'm trying to imagine what hand East can have for that control bid considering he passed over 1, bid only 1 over the double, did not prefer a 4 control bid, and does not have any of the cards in our own hand. Both the natural ...
TD please
3 showing a heart raise with a spade control is alertable in the ACBL.
TD please
Law 16B1 refers to "unexpected alerts or failures to alert". What matters is not the legality of the alert but what partner was expecting. In the ACBL it is common for some pairs to consistently alert certain calls that are not alertable. This does not transmit UI.
TD please
I abstained because until we ask East why he alerted there is no possibility of making a proper ruling. Even if the West hand seems like it should not be alertable under prevailing regulations, there might be more to the story. For example 3 might be alertable because it ...
Is it forcing?
This poll is defective because the answers assume that there must be a standard meaning. That's not true in general and may not be true in this case.
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