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Tom Townsend
Tom Townsend
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Dec. 9, 2010
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Bridge columnist, London Daily Telegraph.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Young Chelsea, TGR
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Gerber, Flannery, Fruit Machine Swiss
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Avoid Commitment
Great title, Kit. A bit disappointing the subject is bridge.
A few 2/1=FG style questions
1. 4 is shape-showing. 2. 2. Not close. 3. Pass. Not close either.
A few 2/1=FG style questions
"Control-showing bid" is more descriptive. "Cue-bid" is more concise.
Opponents words cause misplay
If you say that passes for a joke in your part of the world then I believe you. But surely you can take back the card and get on with the game when everybody's finished laughing.
Opponents words cause misplay
What kind of **** says "I ruff" when he isn't ruffing, and then won't let you change your card? Unbelievable.
EBU National Teams: youngest ever winners?
The Swiss Teams Congress used to be a big event in Leeds, early in the year. The National Swiss Teams final took place in the autumn.
Who will win the Schapiro Spring Foursomes?
Semi-finals: Moran-vs-Black, Allfrey-vs-Zia.
Who will win the Schapiro Spring Foursomes?
Exciting developments in the last hour or so. Allfrey, de Botton, Black, Hauge and Robertson all through to the quarter-final stage. Zia-Moran tied after 32, a director's ruling and an appeal. Currently playing four extra boards. Supposed to be on BBO but perhaps wifi is down.
Andy Bowles's bidding problem: A96 T97 KJT7 J97
Don't think that follows. Why would you bid 5 when you may be about to play 4 doubled? Not that I would bid 5 now.
How would you rule, and would you request a ruling?
Agree with you. "Another diamond" was clumsy diction, but who in their right mind thinks declarer intended to call for a low diamond? Age of players is irrelevant.
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