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Oct. 20, 2014
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To Beer or Not to Beer?
The way I have always used the beer card is that I as a partner have to pay for the beer. This makes it obvious to try to stop partner from winning the beer. I may of course not throw away any tricks in the process.
EBU Selection Trials: a proposal
> Cross-imps are I know flawed, but they are what we have and so I have decided to work with them. One issue with cross-imps (and one that affects the Ranked Master's Pairs for example) is that a freak result on one board can have a major impact on the ...
The Fallacy of Restricted Choice
There has to be a difference between British English and American English on this, or maybe something has changed lately. I'm Swedish, so there is no way for me to know for sure. Ten years ago I noticed a change in adding possessive s to words ending with s ...
How to defend?
There has to be a catch, because I don't see the problem. After all the diamonds, dummy has Qxx / 9 / - / K, and declarer has won 6 tricks. Why don't I just keep Ax / T / - / Qx and see what declarer does? Partner has encouraged in spades on the first ...
Interesting ruling at the Nationals
Chris: I merely referred to you saying the revoke happening during the run of the spades, which it didn't. As for down 1 or down 2, it boils down to a) equity being restored, or b) n tricks being transferred. I must confess I have no idea how the ...
Interesting ruling at the Nationals
The revoke happened the first time the clubs were played, not during the run of the spades, so the revoke did cause more damage as it established an extra trick for West. Down 1.
The hot bridge gift of 1932 - just $25 - do you have one in the attic?
Many years ago, former WBF President Nils Jensen donated his Hammond table to the largest bridge club in Sweden, BK S:t Erik. It has been treated badly over the years, and lately I have no idea what happened to it. Last time I saw it was about ten years ...
World Bridge Games Winners
Andreas: Sometimes... I believe the rules behind the report specifies that if there are multiple results of one strain declared by one direction and exactly one result of the same strain declared by the other direction, then the single result is considered suspicious. However, 2+ by each side does not ...
World Bridge Games Winners
Andreas: The scoring software you use in Austria has a report called Suspicious results that will do the checking for you. There is also another report called Incorrect Bridgemate results (or something like that) that does the same thing.
Wroclaw - the Pairs Schedule
5-10 years ago the Polish Bridge Federation "invented" this new schedule. The reason, to my best knowledge, was to accommodate smokers by giving them slightly longer breaks every 10 boards rather than having them run out from the plying area between all rounds. Since then, the WBF and EBL have ...
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