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Aug. 29, 2015
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Feb. 21, 2017
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Neopolitan Club: Interview with FN Lawyer.
Sorry to sound like the boring one. We asked for them to mount their defence - they have. People may or may not think this defence is risible or wafer thin. But IF IT IS their defence (and until documents are presented it may only be posturing) then it needs to ...
ATB: Slam off two cashers...
And they say there doesn't need to be drug testing in bridge ..... :)
Teams play problem
Thanks for these guys - sorry for not including auction - which went weak 2 - 4NT - response - 6. I was the mug who cashed A and found Q10xx offside. I think this is a valid line (but maybe not best line!) and am only grumpy as at our ...
The Polish aftermath of Kit's B-Z analysis
Which signals would you suggest they use for this ...... :) Israeli? German Medical? or Brazilian?
"Fisher-Schwartz call for WBF investigation" from NewInBridge
Did people really think F-S were going to die of shame and slip away quietly into the night? They are entitled to make a defence - and this is the start of it. Uncharitable observers could say that the nature of their defence reflects the egotism of their cheating escapades - but ...
Wan Li Unplugged
I got 84% in the 1991 event using instant scoring playing in non-democratic Bradford in the UK - the year Alcatel took over
Statement from Jimmy Cayne
Money talks ....
Videos added to Bridgecheaters Website
Due process has to be followed and quite simply Israel probably took the view that their team wouldn't be able to play properly with all the attention their team would be drawing.
Breaking the Code
Timo even though I think they have cheated Hanan is correct - they have to be given the right of reply. Cheating is bad - decisions without some form of due process leading to "injustice" are actually worse....
Breaking the Code
I was taught that old ladies always lead singletons with their left hand when I was 16 at my local club :)
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