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Tomas Fellström
Tomas Fellström
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March 23, 2012
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Thanks, Fred Gitelman
Havent seen any Swede saying tx so tx for having the opportunity to fill many grey hours with action and get in touch with humans from all over the World
In the dark. (ACBL)
A strange question maybe, say opps are in a suit contract and they get to 4nt, now opps doubble 4nt, and their cc say it says, Ihave club ace, would such thing be allowed
Guidelines for BBO Vugraph Commentators
Fred typing that operator shuold not hesitate to tell some bridgestorie about a player, or any other amusing storie , sitting there for a hour or 2 its refreshing….
In the Well: Dennis Bilde
When leaving Chennai after BB, at the Airport I saw some woman from the USA team, Bob Hamman saw my reaction and told me that they just are some tired horses and smiled. My simple question is ,how many hours sleep do you get at night during a 1 week ...
Cheating in Sports
I wonder 1 thing, all Money that the cheaters have won why are they never discussed, I Think they should pay back some
Ain't Technology Grand?
Nice to have you among us bridgeplayers Nicolas
Cedric Lorenzini Claims 2015 Player of the Year Title
Just played against him once, I won, he felt quite average,meow
Boye named Honorary Member
A horray for the whole Boye family
10 weeks
From a human not knowing much about laws and things. If some pairs get banned and judged guilty, they will then lose their medals and as important their Money earned on bridge or. Will sponsors sue them....
Open Chennai Discussion Thread
I dont know how to start a new thread, but have breaking news.....There will be alot of bowing when transnationals starts, when we have such a hero among us there....

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