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Sept. 1, 2015
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Ethical or not?
Two. But if he only stay quiet...
Ethical or not?
We've won amazing IMPs in POlish extraleague years ago. My partners have played 7 with trumps AJTxx to Qxx. The declarer has played small spade from the hand. LHO small. Queen from the dummy. Small from RHO. - Wait, wait, but I have the King! - said the RHO and ...
Ethical or not?
I did it once. Actually the declarer had AQJ and was leading from the dummy. First time he put the jack and took the trick. Back to the dummy and played another small card, holding queen ready to play. So I played the king. He looked at me with disapproval ...
What is the right thing to do?
Director is PAID to solve such problems. Why should I do it for free?
Your UI ruling?
I say - let's burn them!
Bridge Ethics vs Bridge Law - Impossible Situation
I read in Rafal post only that somebody "slow passed". I don't find anything about the result of slow pass. Maybe it's language thing, I don't know.
Your UI ruling?
I'm a big fan of your distinction between bashers and flexers. And how bashers begin to flex after BiT.
Bridge Ethics vs Bridge Law - Impossible Situation
But Rafał, you had UI that somebody with your hand was trying to do a "Lightner pass". Does it make lead double more attractive? How? IMO the UI put restrictions on your partner should you not double, but how it restricts your choice?
Your UI ruling?
We don't now if the hesitation means "I'd rather bid 2 1/2 or I'd rather bid 3 1/2 ".
Director question

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