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So you want to be a Vugraph operator
Yup, transporting from Poland (and giving them food, hotel etc) would be expensive. But except for this small drawback my plan was perfect :)
So you want to be a Vugraph operator
Peg It's about USBF's image, not mine :)
So you want to be a Vugraph operator
Guys. Import VG operators from Poland. I'm the biggest americanophile in the world, but your VuGraphs just suck. Sometimes it seems that played cards are random. Just outsource it to Polish operators, they are the best.
Why do you think that the margin of error is 3%? I don't think you should use value from typical polls. I made a simple experiment. Gave 10PC any distribution to N and S. Checked how many tricks they would score at 1NT. Ten different sets of 1000 boards ...
Impolite to Roudi?
According to SuitPlay you play the Ace and then to the Queen. And you succeed 58,7826%
I generated thousand boards with every hand. I gave partner 7-8PC, 4333 or 4432. And then I simulated 3NT. Results: 1st hand 8.23 tricks, 3NT making 43% 2nd hand 8.39, 50% 3rd hand 8.21, 47% 4th hand 8.62, 58%
A very basic auction?
That's correct. The return to an old suit is a negative suggestion.
Steve Weinstein's lead problem: A9654 AQ5 8 AQ95
A . The biggest chance is spades 3-3. They will take two spades, five diamonds and then what? I may reevaluate after the first trick, but I see no reason to be a hero and to make a guess in the first trick. Even if it's OK to start ...
A very basic auction?
Now you have to be ethical. 3 in tempo - forcing Slow 3 - not forcing. We all know that bidding after hesitation bid is unethical. And we don't want to act unethically, right?
A very basic auction?
3 is obviously forcing. With weaker hand we have comfortable STOP 3.

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