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Active ethics: A Step too Far?
I don't think this "active ethics". I think this is normal.
How do you rule?
You mean the dilemma is what to do with West? I say let's make him a fair trial and then hang him high. I dislike bloodshed, so I'm against guillotine.
Reopening an Auction
Ken As stupid as it sounds there is a difference between "auction" and "auction period" :)
Another Comparable(?) Call
Simple test: does replacing 1 with 2 give the opener any extra information? Does he know anything more than he would know without insufficient bid? If not - the bid is comparable. In short words: if there's no UI - the bid should be allowed.
Insufficient Bid
For my money 3 is comparable call (23A2). This is quite simple. Try ask simple question: does the opener knows something more from the first bid, which he doesn't know from the second? Did 2 give any extra information? I don't think so.
Who should have bid?
Play Ekren 2, no problem then. On matchpoints BIG winner - Acol is not needed.
Is a weighted ruling ever appropriate in a claim situation?
Claims are about facts. You can't weight facts.
UI from CHO. What may I call ethically here?
I don't believe hesitation in this situation suggests anything. Especially lead from Qx in donalds.
Opening 2N for the minors. Is including a strong possibility 4 losers or less a good idea?
pros - preempting cons - very easy defense
Opening 2N for the minors. Is including a strong possibility 4 losers or less a good idea?
I believe 2NT on minors is a Polish invention. I've played against that very, very often. For my money it isn;t good convention. However including any strong variant in it makes it a disastrous convention. It's main value is opportunity to quick preempting - 2NT-x-4/5. By ...

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