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June 17, 2014
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CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
Nick, your problem with the "solution" was the exact problem CAS had. And we are not happy how it was tackled. But if the bridge world agrees on the proceedings in such cases and finds balance in definition for "comfortable satisfaction", "burden of proof" and other technicalities, that consensus should ...
CAS Decision on Fantoni and Nunes
Since I'm not a lawyer I have one question related to the issue. CAS judgement states: ---- VIII. APPLICABLE LAW 98, Alticle R58 of the CAS Code reads as follows: "The Panel shall decide the dispute according to the applicable regulations and, subsidiarly, to the rules of law chosen by ...
T-Tests: World Championship Butlers
Making a statistical analysis on an unknown model, and I have not yet seen a valid "bridge pair performance parameters and their relations", and drawing conclusions from it, is the best way to start a witch hunt. - Is she a witch? - Well, witches burn. Wood also burns, so witches must ...
To Sabine and Roy
The only normal solution is for WBF to have two gold medalists. Ashley and Michael deserve it and so do Roy and Sabine. With barometer scoring your current play might depend on the scores and it's unfair to take it away from Roy and Sabine. WBF should take responsibility ...
Improving vugraph
I think this approach is fundamentally wrong. The claim is "A lot of top players do not enjoy watching Vugraph..." What is the purpose of a Vugraph? To have a small group of top players playing it and watching it? What is the benefit of such system? You plan to ...
A Modest Proposal
Fred, the problem you are trying to solve is much bigger than the organisation of the WC final tournament. More or less, everything comes down to money. Spend some extra money, hire some Vegas cheat-catchers or invest in some technology and you will reduce the cheating level. Spend some extra ...
A Modest Proposal
Adam, I am afraid that you are mixing up a complex tournament structure with an invitational tournament. BB (and others) is not WC on its own. It is a "WC final", the final stage of a complex tournament structure that is based on zonal qualifications. It has absolutely nothing to ...
Strange occurrence in Chennai
Martin, what kind of nonsense is this? Pula tournament has cca 30 cash prizes on the tournament with 250 entries. So I am not sure how to treat the rest of your post since the initial statement is untrue. What glitch are you talking about? Since you are making some ...
A Modest Proposal
Hi Fred, thank you for your detailed explanation, but seems to me that you just confirmed what I said, only I used paint it black and you built a stairway to heaven. We seem to have a pretty different view on what the World Championship is, and what the federations ...
A Modest Proposal
Let me see if got this logic right: - A bunch of professional pairs were caught cheating in a semi-professional field. - They cheated for money - The federation is not solving this issue in a desired way And here comes the suggested solution: - Invite only professionals - Add more money - F**k the ...

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