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Tommy Cho
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July 29, 2010
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cue bidding when holding 0 HCP
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HK Intercity
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Drop-Outs from World Championships
I think that the reason why China holds those Champions so frequently is that because the host countries will lose money in organizing such events. Only China is generous enough to hold those events whenever being requested. They don't fight for it.
Tommy Cho's lead problem: T842 Q87532 84 Q
OK, will start a new post.
Tommy Cho's lead problem: T842 Q87532 84 Q
Very sorry, North open 1, not 1. The shown hand is West.
Tommy Cho's bidding problem: K6 T8654 9 KT432
With this color, is 5X a possible gain against their likely 4 contract? If you don't bid right now, you'll never be able to find the profitable sacrifice.
Tommy Cho's bidding problem: K6 T8654 9 KT432
With this color, may be from 4-10
Tommy Cho's bidding problem: 53 Q965 AK43 QJ8
Thanks Steve for your comment. The auction is what actually happened at the table. I notice that you opted for double over their 3. Is this double penalty or T/O?
Tablets with a table feel
There are many advantages using tablets over playing cards: 1. No need to shuffle and sort the cards 2. No bid out of turn 3. No insufficient or impermissible bid 4. No lead out of turn 5. No revoke 6. Much less UI as all alerts are self-alerting 7. All ...
2018 USBC analysis & Levin - Weinstein profile
China Contract Bridge Association has started to collect data from every matches (so called Big Data) a few years ago. Those data are accessible from
What is the name of this squeeze?
Thanks Kit for pointing the previous thread out.
Meaning of this double?
I should post it without vulnerability. Sorry about that!

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