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Tommy Cho
Tommy Cho
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July 29, 2010
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24 minutes ago
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Bridge Player

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cue bidding when holding 0 HCP
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HK Intercity
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Major Article in Toronto Star
Touching! It hits my heart!
Tommy Cho's bidding problem: AJ3 AJ954 A7 AJ7
Partner's hand in another post:
Tommy Cho's bidding problem: A9864 9 AJ832 74
I guess you won't open 2 with 65432 x AKQxx xx red vs white. So my question actually ask for whether you think the suit quality of is good enough for 2 opening.
Tommy Cho's bidding problem: A9864 9 AJ832 74
Sorry for the ambiguous wording. Yes, 2 show + minor and 2 shows + minor
Tommy Cho's bidding problem: AT72 --- KQ97 AT873
thanks for correcting my error
Tommy Cho's bidding problem: AJ3 AJ954 A7 AJ7
You are not sure about the meaning of 4NT. Just bridge logic applies here.
Superb performance by Nickell Team. They are back to the top form.
USA1 Round of 8, Day 2
Don't know why Berkowitz was so conservative with his super strong hand opposite partner's precision 1C opening and just pass 6NT.
Bid after partner's break in tempo
Why does the BIT double by partner bar you from further bidding? If so, one can utilize the BIT double to his advantage.
Appeal from Kansas City
Are you sure every East player, after hearing the bid by his partner will decide to bid 3NT? I happen to think that 4 is clearly a LA. Therefore, director has to poll to determine the outcome.

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