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1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
I would not normally log in to comment but... 1nt is an excellent bid in most circumstances and that should be enough to keep the marriage on track. Here I would think 1nt was obvious non-vulnerable but, as given, I think a diamond is better. Tell mama I spoke to ...
Double Standards
3S to show a solid suit is hardly ‘a secret bidding system’ and I would not personally consider it worthy of needing special protection. Also, opponents exchange convention cards at the start of the set and players should be able to ascertain for themselves if there is anything they need ...
Double Standards
Board 26, imho, is outrageous. But it seems like the perpetrator and his teammates have already acknowledged this. Unfortunately the laws try and restore equity (which they possibly did - I am not completely convinced about the ‘easy double’ of 3nt given the opening style) rather than apply a penalty. (Can ...
Unbelievable- thanks for highlighting this Marion. Completely on board with your boycotting suggestion.
Selection Problems
I would also happily support either team - the Irish open team has been a long time friend and supporter of the English (and Irish) ladies teams at international events... and members of both teams have been stalwarts for many years. I also saw the situation as simple... and thought (indeed ...
Selection Problems
Senior were declared to be the winners.... pretty sure that is not the same thing...
Selection Problems
David:"This would make it unfair for team Brock to be deemed to be the winners of the trials since it appeared likley that they benefited from the sub. Hard to disagree" when you consider the performance of the teams who came third and fourth being vastly different in RR1 ...
Selection Problems
very good point about the first round robin... given the avalanche of imps against the teams that finished 3rd and 4th the first time around, the only match where it could have made a meaningful difference who played was in the head to head match. Nicola and Kay were -0 ...
Selection Problems
it has been noted elsewhere that the brock team scored significantly better with Kay (the sub) on the team. Although this is an indisputable fact, a casual observer might attribute it at least partly down to Brock/Brown scoring 1.7 crossimps a board in the first round robin and ...
Seeding in the World Bridge Games
The groups are clearly unbalanced... if you consider a good starting point for "potential" qualifiers to be a country that has qualified for the knockout stages in any of the last three editions then Group A has 8, Group B has 11 and Group C has 7. If you consider ...
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