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Tommy Skalmerås
Tommy Skalmerås
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Aug. 8, 2013
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March 18
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To Sabine and Roy
Not forfeiting the gold medals, or at least put in an effort to crown the rightful winners, is just awful judgement.
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
In the BL convention card, they left the space under 'Psychics' blank. Although they do mention light openers under 'General approach and style'. Their 1// ranges are 10-15 hcp, no mention of position. Having watched them for many hundred deals, I think they are on thin ice ...
Tommy Skalmerås's bidding problem: --- AK97642 AK8 KT9
Brad Craig, I think you're spot on. Who bids 3 on jxxxxx there? Opposite QJxxxx and the club ace we belong in 7. Heck, it might even make without the ace, on a trump lead. In we need pd to have the Q or xxx ...
What is Your Plan?
Yes, but 2 spades- pass was not.
What is Your Plan?
A little strange that passing 2 after rebidding 's is not an option. At MP, the payoff for staying low when right is as important as pushing for the brilliant 5 contract or whatever...
A Modest Proposal For Dealing With Expelled Cheaters
Here is MY proposal for handling readmission applications from cheaters: Make origami donkeys out of them.
Spingold Vugraph from Round of 16
Amoils-Gupta and Zimmermann-Mahaffey, please.
Michael Albert's bidding problem: AJ3 J64 63 AKJT7
With 4 being natural, you might as well take up embroidery if you pass here. With all due respect.
Tommy Skalmerås's bidding problem: AQ AQ8 KJ9842 J2
It's not a half point lower range when 'a point' is divided into good, medium and bad. Not saying I disagree, though.
Tommy Skalmerås's bidding problem: AQ AQ8 KJ9842 J2
Interesting that the KnR hand evaluator counts this hand as 16.6 HCP. It tells me that it downgrades more for chunky short suits than it upgrades for positional value.

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