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Toni Mestrovic
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July 18, 2013
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Oct. 24
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My partner is not insane. I made that rule long time ago. It is easier to play that way.
Toni Mestrovic's bidding problem: AT4 A95 K8 AQ873
Stiff and 2NT does not make any sense
Pete Marvin's bidding problem: AKQJ84 6 AK62 AT
I doubled because there is a slim chance that partner might bid diamonds. Qxxxx and out should be enough for 6. If p bids clubs I will settle for 4.
Juraj Kvocek's bidding problem: AK5 Q76 Q32 J986
3 NT is not available and 4NT might be to high. Just take your plus score at IMPs.
Is opening 2C with this hand an illegal psychic?
Let me do some "whining" here. 20 years ago I had awful experience at MP tournament when my RHO opened 2 white vs red on something like x x AKQxxxx KQxx. We competed to 3 but we both thought that partners hand was much worse than it really ...
ATB - competitive bidding
"our 3♦ overcall practically denies 4-card ♥" S should realize that both sides have double fits and defending 3X is very dangerous. Even timid 4m makes some sense at MP's because +130 beats +100. Did he really expect to score +300?
Toni Mestrovic's bidding problem: Q85 AK952 T963 K
When this board was played I was N and I was aware that I produced very unusual bidding sequence. I don't recommend bidding like this for new partnerships but my partner got it right: great clubs, not so great heart support and pointed suits well controlled. He decided to ...
TD problem: North forgot system
"East is entitled to receive the correct information about the 4 bid, whether North remembers or not." Sure, but how should E receive correct information? E could call director before he doubled 4 and director should ask N to go away from table so S can give proper ...
Trick 1 decision
So far 92 votes for 8 and 8 for J. When I was presented with this problem I also choose 8 thinking "I cannot guard any suit but clubs, so keeping my J will help my partner not to get squeezed". But in real play it was 26 IMPs swing ...
Trick 1 decision
John, if declarer can cash 10 top tricks and still have top spade and K he is always making his contract, playing small at trick 1 only saves an overtrick. If he has 8 major suit tricks and 2 aces this ending is possible if declarer ducks at trick ...
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