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Tony Iannino
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Aug. 23, 2011
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Dec. 4
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Protecting the game we love
Suppose you pick up the hand given by Mr. Willenken and hear the given auction. What would you be leading? I'm not an expert but my choice would be heart and I would be picking heart all the time unless I discover that a spade would be better over ...
ACBL Board to Decide Wagar Appeal
While not relevant to the matter at hand I wonder what sort of explanations the foreign players gave to the American players. Was it usually, never, 95%, no 4M, etc, or something completely different?
Logical Alternatives
It seems to me that once partner hesitates you can no longer play bridge. A pass always seems to be a LA at least in the cases that come up with me. The poll taken by the director might be flawed. How does he decide who is in my peer ...
Gambling at Bridge Part 2
Sacrificing at IMPs is "easier" than at MPs. In the former you must only worry about what your teammates are doing while in the latter you have a much larger and often times unpredictable field to worry about. So if a save improves your score 2/3 of the time ...
Appeals Case 3 from San Francisco
I read the write up in the bulletin and there was a comment along the lines that if a different pair of players were involved the decision of the committee might have have different. What does this mean? If Meckwell were sitting EW they would get away with it because ...
Better Notrump Leads
Thanks Eugene. I had missed the earlier reference and appreciate your "review" of the book. Like all things of this nature there is no substitute for personal experience and/or peer review. Perhaps you and/or Andrew could offer advice on some the of situations covered in the book. For ...
Better Notrump Leads
There is a recent book "Winning notrump leads' by David Bird and Taf Anthias that covers this topic and more. Simulations were done with many thousands of hands and the results can be illuminating from just how strong the major suit bias in various types of auctions (1n-3n; 1N - 2C ...
In the Well: Robert Hartman
I'd like to second Barry's suggestion about detailed analysis. In addition, being a math/stats guy I'd like to see things like a) the distribution of member ages presented at different times over several decades, b) distribution of ages when first joining the ACBL, c) total membership ...
Light Overcall
Jason - Yes, results are before North's bid. I attempted a simulation after North's 3D bid but a lot depends on the constraints one puts on the bid. I modeled these constraints somewhat after the North's actual hand, that is, I gave him 0-14 HCP, 3 or 4 ...
Light Overcall
I think the experts may have it right. First the good news. One can expect advancer to have Heart support (3 or more) about 70% of the time [based on simulations]. The bad news is that if advancer is a passed hand your chances of making 4 Hearts is a ...

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