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Tony Rolfe
Tony Rolfe
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July 17, 2018
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about me

I'm an above average club-level player who started way back in the 1960's playing Acol at school.    Between school and Uni I played a lot of bridge at Cardiff bridge club and later represented Sheffield University in the late 60's.  I started playing Little Major at Uni and had great fun and some success with it as a system.

I stopped playing when my job didn't give me the time to play, but I still kept an interest in the game and developed my brown-sticker multi-two system during that period.

After leaving England, living in Bermuda for 5 years and moving to Sydney, Australia I eventually moved to the Ulladulla area on the NSW South Coast in 1994.  I soon discovered the local bridge club and started playing again after nearly 30 years.   The default system at Mollymook is Standard (5CM SNT) but I didn't enjoy that scheme.  When Little Major became legal in Australia I played that with one partner for a couple of years and then we developed our own system based on 11-14 NT, 5CM, unbalanced diamond and a short forcing club.  Almost all responses to 1-level openings are transfers.

I am now an Australian Silver Life Master, hoping to live long enough to become Gold Life Master.


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Mollymook bridge club.
Favorite Tournaments
Local congresses (Nowra, Batemans Bay, Mollymook)
Favorite Conventions
Transfers! My favourite system uses transfers over all 1-level openings.
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What went wrong here?
That is exactly how I play it. My 1 isn't Precision, but we would bid 1 - 1 (4+ spades, does not deny longer minor) 1 (14+, 4+ spades) - 2 (minimum response) 3 (trial bid) - 3 (accepts invite, control bid) 4
What is fair.
So, the explanation was correct, but west now has UI that East's 2 is merely giving preference to spades over hearts. But without the UI, East's 2 is a genuine suit, so West has a clear raise. I get it now (I think)
What is fair.
So, EW agreement for 2 is natural over a short club, Majors if 1 promises 3+. So, East explained their agreement correctly? Isn't this a misbid so no adjustment? Or have I misunderstood?
What killed American Bridge--a Poll from the Year 2040.
No problem, Ed. 10% of members of Mollymook are in their 90's
The importance of understanding how ACBL players feel about bracketing
With, for example, 24 tables, the usual arrangement for a Swiss is to add 12 or subtract 12 on the first round so 1 plays 13, 2 plays 14 etc.
Puppet/Muppet Stayman Question
Thanks for that detailed information. Plenty of food for thought
The importance of understanding how ACBL players feel about bracketing
In a local congress my team was seeded one below halfway, which meant we drew the top seeds (4 internationals) in the first round. We beat them by 16 IMPs over 8 boards, gaining 20 IMPs on one board. Mind you, the previous day we met one of the pairs ...
How would you rule?
Video Assistant Referee. Used when a referee's decision is disputed by one of the coaches. Examines multiple video angles of the incident and confirms or overrides the referee's decision. Much like an appeals committee, but invoked while the game is delayed until the decision is made.
How would you rule?
Of course I would like laws which are simple, unambiguous and fair. But I'm at a loss to suggest how the UI laws could be changed to be simpler, less ambiguous and more fair. Personally, I think the UI laws are about as good as they could be. If ...
How would you rule?
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