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Tony Rolfe
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July 17, 2018
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about me

I'm an above average club-level player who started way back in the 1960's playing Acol at school.    Between school and Uni I played a lot of bridge at Cardiff bridge club and later represented Sheffield University in the late 60's.  I started playing Little Major at Uni and had great fun and some success with it as a system.

I stopped playing when my job didn't give me the time to play, but I still kept an interest in the game and developed my brown-sticker multi-two system during that period.

After leaving England, living in Bermuda for 5 years and moving to Sydney, Australia I eventually moved to the Ulladulla area on the NSW South Coast in 1994.  I soon discovered the local bridge club and started playing again after nearly 30 years.   The default system at Mollymook is Standard (5CM SNT) but I didn't enjoy that scheme.  When Little Major became legal in Australia I played that with one partner for a couple of years and then we developed our own system based on 11-14 NT, 5CM, unbalanced diamond and a short forcing club.  Almost all responses to 1-level openings are transfers.

I am now an Australian Silver Life Master, hoping to live long enough to become Gold Life Master.


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Mollymook bridge club.
Favorite Tournaments
Local congresses (Nowra, Batemans Bay, Mollymook)
Favorite Conventions
Transfers! My favourite system uses transfers over all 1-level openings.
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Methods following an overcall after you have agreed a suit
Thanks to everyone who responded. There is a lot of good thinking up there. The hand which triggered this question involved pard with 5 spades and 6 diamonds to the QJT9 opening 1 and the bidding continued (p) - 2 - (3). Instead of taking our top in 3 ...
Mindless revoke
Michael I agree that your proposal has merit. You would probably have to do away with penalty cards as well. I wish you luck in your efforts to get them implemented in the 2027 laws. We seem to agree that the existing laws are imperfect. The main area in which ...
Mindless revoke
Michael "Meanwhile, I guess you hope somebody 'catches' me and I (eventually) get suspended or expelled from bridge. I'm not sure what else you would think should be done to 'deal' with me." If I have written anything which suggests that I think you are doing anything which needs ...
Mindless revoke
Michael If my opponents were careless enough to bid a grand slam missing the Ace of trumps and I was on lead holding the Ace, I would probably double and then lead the Ace, expecting to take them one off. If my partner revoked on that trick and we lost ...
Mindless revoke
But, Michael, you aren't preventing illegal actions. The illegal action has happened. What you are preventing is the law from taking its course. Could the laws be better? Yes, of course they could. However, they are what they are and if we don't follow them then we are ...
Mindless revoke
Michael R: I can understand your logic about always accepting the outcome of a legal play - not giving back tricks lost by a legal mistake. But how does that translate into giving back tricks lost by a mistake which leads to an illegal action? In most jurisdictions illegal acts are ...
Mindless revoke
wrong place
Mindless revoke
If I understand what you are saying, you would give tricks back when declarer makes an illegal play, but not when he makes a legal play?
Mindless revoke
If you feel that, in the OP example, declarer should make all the tricks because there is no way he could have lost any had he not pulled the wrong card, what do you feel about these situations: 1. Two tricks to play. Dummy has two small hearts, you have ...
Mindless revoke
The question should be irrelevant because declarer should have called the director already. I was taught, a long time ago, that condoning a mistake at your table penalised all those at the other tables who didn't make that mistake. Edit to add that I've just seen Henry's ...
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