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Tore Marskar Eek-Jensen
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June 28, 2012
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Spingold Final Session 4 Board 28
Theoretical let's say a contract either makes 1 NT or 3 NT dependant on a 50-50 finesse. 1 NT is no longer an option, so would you rather play 2 NT or 3 NT? I'm not arguing that Espen's bidding was great. 2 Sp was a small ...
Spingold Final Session 4 Board 28
Everyone is discussing as if this was the first board of the match. Context was; You are trailing and need to pick up IMPs. In my opinion 2 Sp was a slight overbid. East didn't support spades and West didn't rebid spades. Hence you 'know' partner has spade ...
Waltraud Gruening's bidding problem: 842 AKQ74 AKJ2 9
Ok, I'll agree to that. All the more reason to be looking for slam in Diamonds. The worst that can happen is ending in 5D when 3NT was better. Ending in 6 or 7D when 6 or 7NT makes is still plus score in most MP tournaments.
Waltraud Gruening's bidding problem: 842 AKQ74 AKJ2 9
Not sure what you mean, what should West bid over 2 Clubs holding 4351?
Waltraud Gruening's bidding problem: 842 AKQ74 AKJ2 9
I fail to see the problem. If partner has the ace of Spades I want to play slam. If partner have both I probably want to play grand slam. Club ruffs and your 5th heart will get your trick count up. Partner might even have 6-7 diamonds making the play ...
Better Notrump Leads Part 2
Funny story. After my comments on Part 1 I was declaring 3 NT after 1 NT - 3 NT. A former European Open teams champion to my left chose not to lead from AKxx of hearts, but lead high a diamond from xxx. Found partner with AQ behind the king and ...
Better Notrump Leads
Thanks for the simulations Charles, I'll give up and start leading A. Just so I can go down fighting : There will be occasions when "dumb luck" beats educated guess. Partner holding H9x in diamonds and dummy (H)Jx(x) etc When partner has no honor AK could be stiff ...
Better Notrump Leads
OK, I'll start counting. I'm not against AKx leads in general, but in this case the ten makes any honor partner might have valuable. If it's the jack I would hate myself for removing my second entry in the opening lead. Proper pessimists would argue the only ...
Better Notrump Leads
Nice article, but i disagree that the spade lead is much better than diamonds on the first hand. A spade lead could cost a trick or be the tempo needed to bring the contract home. Even if you hit partner in spades there is no guarantee there is an entry ...
Ned Kohler's bidding problem: AKT4 T AKQ4 J973
3H - And if partner signs off in 3 Sp I continue with 4D. Now partner should know the slam depends on the club suit.
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