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Trevor Morris
Trevor Morris
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March 5, 2012
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Trevor Morris's bidding problem: JT xx AKQxxxx xx
4 does make with 5 one off.
Trevor Morris's bidding problem: x Tx Txxx KQJT9x
I also bid. The distribution was "interesting" as the opposing clubs broke 7-0! In the other room this hand passed and the hand to the left opened 1C. Lots of shape everywhere and my partner bid 4H & was a tad surprised when at some point ruffing a club back to ...
Good ruling?
It's you
Tanking to get a read
As I was told once - "Thinking is allowed"
Defense against (any) natural 1N
But if 15-17 is often 14-16+ (as it seems to be) then double is more attractive, also I find it simpler to play the same for all ranges of nt opener.
Defense against (any) natural 1N
I have seen this rule regularly. I saw a world class player say this on BBO some time ago. I happened to be playing against him a few weeks later in an open pairs. All vulnerable he overcalled, after my partners 1nt opening, in the protective position with a quite ...
Wayne Somerville's bidding problem: QJ9 K985 A A8742
I have heard sometimes these strong club players open or light in 3rd or even respond light to non-strong club openings. Let's see if this is one of those times by passing.
Opening 1 NT point range on convention card
Saying "5-9 but sometimes weaker/stronger in 3rd" (as appropriate) seems to me to be full disclosure, especially to a much less experienced player. I am not telling anyone how to evaluate their hands nor have I suggested same.
Tied pairs winners in a 5 table howell.
The EBU has tie breakers I think in the white book (certainly for teams, not checked but I think very likely also for pairs). Using that would remove an element of being seen to be arbitrary which might help.
Opening 1 NT point range on convention card
Many years when I was an even worse player than I am now I played a teams match against much better opponents. 3rd in hand one opened 2H explained as weak and we duly bid to our contract (I forget exactly what). About half way through the hand I double ...

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