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Trevor Morris
Trevor Morris
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March 5, 2012
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United Kingdom

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Hilda and Ellen
I remember playing against very good opponents who went off in 3NT as declarer thought he was in 6C which was cold.
Trevor Morris's bidding problem: xxx AKx AJx QJxx
2 is a good raise to at least 3.
ATB - How did we let this through?
Quite common in the UK. I've been playing it for years and find it works perfectly ok. Not that I play at the top level or anywhere near. Depends what you are used to I guess. For me it's the strong NT people who regularly open on 14 ...
What exactly is active ethics?
And if knows what he has told you to do is illegal but tells you to do it anyway (club game admittedly) where do you go from there?
Open Wroclaw Discussion Thread
"And kudos to Judy Gartaganis of Canada who is the only woman still playing in the Open Teams." This will be somewhat of a surprise to Frances Hinden
Mentor Mentee Games: "come play this hand"
Do it anyway without masterpoints - ween them off masterpoints early so they understand how ridiculous they are
What did I do wrong?
After a 2 response you just bid 2NT. 1 is not uncommon as an opening on that hand albeit 1 is the book bid.
Surprising (non)-decision by TD in Denver
The most amazing thing is that hands are still being dealt at the table
A Modest Proposal
It sounds just like the ICC
Life Ban Deserved?
For me it was always the teenagers who swore a lot. Most grew out of it over time.

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