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Trevor Morris
Trevor Morris
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March 5, 2012
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United Kingdom

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I am keen on these overcalls - against me. A decent source of +500-+800
TD please
If he had void Jxxxxxxx xxx Qx he would likely bid as he did, if he had xx xxxxx xxx Qxx he would pass 3S so why has he bid on............
TD please
How do you know it is a 5-1 heart fit rather than a 7-1 heart fit with a very weak hand?
10 to 19 No Trump
Do you announce this to your opponents?
10 to 19 No Trump
a) & b) are the same but a) is illegal and almost everyone says so. b) is apparently not felt illegal by some. Further comment by me would no doubt be felt inappropriate.
10 to 19 No Trump
Please explain to me the difference between a) I play 13-17 but partner plays 15-17 & b) we both play 15-17 but I "deviate" & can bid on a suitable 13 count, partner never does.
10 to 19 No Trump
No, but if one person plays 13-17 & the other plays 15-17 but the both write the same thing on their card that is against the rules.
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
Open as you wish. However maybe you should tell the opponents what you might have.
Once in a lifetime
It ended up 1 off
One assumes your opponents know you will double in this sequence which rather affects the calculation

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