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Troels Bjerre
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March 21, 2013
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Nov. 24
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Barry Plotkin's bidding problem: T96 AJ2 K5 K9532
If partner bids 3NT, it will be a fine contract. Otherwise pass to 3S. Whats wrong with that?
Harrison Luba's bidding problem: AJT65 742 AQ5 A9
Funny. I would have thought that doubling is complete madness. 4S or pass. You dont hide a five card major.
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: AJ8 --- 3 AJT875432
Pass is just showing the heart control and inviting 7. We are red, remember? Clearly forcing.
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: AJ8 --- 3 AJT875432
Yes, a forcing pass is best.
David Parsons's bidding problem: Q94 J862 AQJ75 Q
I wouldn't, but many (younger?) people would overcall 2D. If that is your style you can't dismiss 2D as an error - and you must bid 2NT.
Bernie Greenspan's bidding problem: 74 AQJT63 54 AJT
If there is any sense in 1NT forcing, partner cannot pass 2S. You cannot play one without the other. You are possibly worth 3H, but why bid it in front of your enigma partner.
Ian Rowlands's bidding problem: J6 542 T94 QJ985
The clubs come in - or not! "After all, it was only one more."
Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: Q76 K53 AKJ862 J
I also bid 2D, and that is an underbid with 6 losers. But bidding 3D might not help much. With 2-3 tens 2NT would be possible. PS! I do not see how partner could bid anything but pass after 2D.
Eugene Hung's bidding problem: K7 J642 T873 J64
A NT hand: AQxxx, Kx, KQx, Kxx. Or a strong hand with 6 spades: AKQxxx, Ax, Kx, Qxx. You might rather pass the first hand, but then make it a little stronger. I think that one should respect partner´s pass and not bid 2S with any hand with a ...
Eugene Hung's bidding problem: K7 J642 T873 J64
The 2C is not supported, E would go out of her way to bid 3C with 3 or 4 card support. Partner could have a stronger NT hand, most people here do not open 1NT with 5 spades.
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