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Tyler Eaves
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March 2, 2014
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How would you bid this hand?
I bid 3 but it's very close. Downgrade the diamonds AT ALL (like 9->6) and it's 2. I'd normally downgrade the stiff K, but once partner bids them it's at least neutral.
Boye Brogeland
Should this pass be forcing??
2NT does not exist BPH.
Who made the worst bid (if any)
3N and 3 are both horrible bids. 3N is worse, in my book though. T8xx isn't a stopper - maybe I'm a simpleton here, but in my book 3 asks for a stopper. So, while 3 was bad, 3N was, well, just worse. It's like ...
What do you think of "Un-Michaels"?
Would much rather play Ghestem or someting like it that gives up the other minor JS to have 3 two suiters. Majors >>> Minors. If was going to keep it to 2 bids, I'd make the cue bid hearts and another (possibly spades) and 2N bid minor+spades
Grand Slam missing the Ace of Trumps - ATB or just Bridge?
The way I play it 4 would be minorwood, so after 4 0/3 response N knows to put the brakes on.
Would you open 1NT with a void?
Did it once. My hand was sorted hearts-spades-diamonds-spades. Fortunately partner Staymaned at which point I re-examined my hand.
A very basic auction?
Option 2.5: 3 NF, but should be very rarely passed
Why no Argine and GIB competing for the world title?
GIB would be absolutely embarrassed. It was far worse than Jack a decade ago and hasn't improved meaningfully since then.
Tricky hand?
Don't i want to be in 7N, not 7? Not really seeing meaningful extra chances in 7, and could well be an opening or ruff.

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