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Tyler Eaves
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Do you open this hand in 1st seat Love All at IMPs?
I'm ok with it only if we have some sort of weak two-suited opening. Not a "normal" 2[he] building or anything
ATB - Teams knockout match (24 boards)
Don't like X. X is a transfer to 4. Do not want to be in against a passed hand. 5 if I'm not just passing.
Failure to announce
I know there have been sims done, and if the 1 opening is 2 only when 4=4=3=2 it doesn't really impact opener's average club length that much... maybe like 1/10th of a card, if that. Now if this was some sort of Montreal ...
Failure to announce
Assuming this is ACBL-land, a quasi natural short club is not alertable. It's an announcement.
Unfortunate Result
Bill, I agree with your second point but not your first. Partner saw us open 3[di] right? Their right hand isn't strapped behind their back, right? I strongly feel that 5[di] does not exist, especially at these colors.
Followups to a penalty double of a (strong) 1NT opener
1. Tricks. Don't obsess over point count, but it should be a hand that takes 7 tricks on typical layouts. 2. Weak hands are not allowed to pull. If we eat -180 or even -280 so be it (but those probably weren't doubles we should have made). Any ...
Unfortunate Result
Gotta assume Phil meant passing out the X of 5
Unfortunate Result
4, 5, and X equal bottom
Aggressive or Hyperaggressive?
I think these sort of two suited bids are big losers. They rarely actually buy a makeable contract, and frequently provide a roadmap for declarer. The only exception I'll make is for a bid showing both majors, and then ONLY if it's landy style where responder has a ...
Aggressive or Hyperaggressive?
N needs to be consigned to a rubber room. Barmy.

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