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Tyler Eaves
Tyler Eaves
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March 2, 2014
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Surely you're not tired of assigning blame yet?
I like 1 a lot more than P/X. Treat it as a 5-5. I've distorted worse.
The problems of over-alerting
The problem with (over)-alerting is that opponents often don't know what they play.
Wish Trick
For me the wish trick is not just 2345 (NOT A234!), but it has to occur the first time the suit is lead.
ATB - any blame for missing slam?
E would know W doesn't have a 1st round spade control since W would show that first if he had it over 3, right?
ATB - any blame for missing slam?
Of course, the jump raise in Goren showed about 19+... since it denies 16-18 balanced, it's either 19+ balanced or maybe a hair lighter if unbalanced. Modern style is as much as a king lighter.
Feedback: ACBL Convention Charts
My concern is that a large percentage of the membership has poor working knowledge (at best) of the GCC. Adding more charts is going to be a giant clusterfuck.
Changes to ACBL rules on announcement of 1NT range.
Personally, I think the 17's you move out are more important than the 14s you move in.
Changes to ACBL rules on announcement of 1NT range.
Because it's a club game?
Assess the blame (14)
with 3=4=4=2 and a minimum why isn't partner just bidding 2[sp]?
Assess the blame (14)
David: Green pass card is pretty easy to find. A 5-2 fit with AQ is far from the end of the world.

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