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ATB: missed slam
What don't you like about 1NT? It's purely systemic in any typical 2/1 system. 3[di] is horrible of course. 3[he] to show the 3 card limit hand clarifies things.
Any "Rule of N" is going to be somewhere between inaccurate and total garbage. The refuge of weak players who don't want to think.
Could one even argue that such an agreement is *illegal*. Don't the laws require you to essentially play to win?
Joe Jones's Recruitment Strategy
Don't really see how it's different then other business. Sure, I doubt their success rate is 100% (or even close to it) - it's just built in the pricing model, just like any other business. Retailers eat returns all the time, restaurants comp meals, concerts get rained out ...
RKC Queen-Ask => 5NT ?
The way I prefer it... If 5+1 is biddable over the queen ask then that is the "queen, no king" answer, then 5N is to play - and 5NT is "Queen + the king I couldn't show below slam", typically the K[sp]. Otherwise, 5N is Q+no king.
A GNT Debacle: Too Many Winners
I mean, it's certainly conceiveable. Team A: Beats B by 1 and C by 1 Team B: Loses to A by 1 and beats C by 25 Team C: Loses to A by 1 and C by 25 Team A: 22 VPs, Team B: 28 VPs, Team C: 10 ...
A GNT Debacle: Too Many Winners
Commonplace because it's absurd. The phrase the hip young kids use is "dumpster fire".
ACBL Club Department
Cameron, you obviously live somewhere with actual workers rights, not the US. There is no right (or expectation) of severance here. When it is given at all here it's usually tied with an NDA/Hold Harmless-type contract - it's basically "you can't sue us" money.
How Angry Should We Be?
Honestly, for any working person the entry fees are a drop in the bucket compared to the overall cost of entering the event. (PTO days, hotel, travel, food). That's a day essentially lost (if one cares about such things) that could have been spent playing other events.
Who should sleep on the couch?
Yeah, I'd vote "system" here. Having the XX that wide ranging seems rather unhelpful.

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