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Tyler Eaves
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March 2, 2014
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How should this be bid.
I think opening 2[cl] is nuts because you can never show the 2 suited nature of the hand.q
What is the proper announcement?
I read exactly what you wrote. If you do as you say that sounds like cheating. Follow the rules, not just the letter, but the spirit! You are doing neither.
What is the proper announcement?
Then you are flat out wrong. From the ACBL alert procedure: Example: A 15-17 1NT opening bid is made. The partner of the bidder will say aloud, “fifteen to seventeen.” Given your stated inclusions of some 18 and even 19HCP hands, this feels VERY close to an intentional attempt to ...
What is the proper announcement?
In what jurisdiction? That is utterly incorrect in every one I'm even passingly familiar with.
Is this Exclusion Blackwood?
Not exclusion, but I think jumping to 5[cl] is nuts. The right 4 count makes slam. MANY random opening hands will make slam good.
Missing option: Both.
BOD Restructure Vote
I don't think the problem is really the size of the BOD. The problem is that they insist on meeting in person. Video chat is cheap or free and easily available.
Colour Coded Playing Cards
Four color decks are commercially available. Typically blue diamonds and green clubs.
To the Bridge Winners Community (Double Dummy Day Update)
The Tugg link you posted.
Greedy B*st*rd in the Poker World
That's the really astonishing thing. He was so brazen. It'd be like a bridge pair playing (and bidding) every hand perfectly double dummy.

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