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Tyler Eaves
Tyler Eaves
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March 2, 2014
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Anyone else not thrilled with the "new" BBO
The funny thing is the now not-updated-in-a-decade Windows version is still light years better than ANY of the browser based iterations.
Tournament director rulings...
It is well known that players are happy when given favorable ruling, the lawbook be damned.
How should Multi be allowed (if at all) under the Open+ chart?
Barry - It's never going to change with that attitude! It's only exotic and weird because it's banned thus players never get exposure to it until maybe they play some random event at a regional and get creamed. There's nothing *intrinsically* difficult about it.
How should Multi be allowed (if at all) under the Open+ chart?
Can we ban odd-even discards while we're at it?
The bridgeguys site appears to be dead
It is amazingly hard to bring US law against people in Eastern Europe or Asia.
The bridgeguys site appears to be dead
If one of the gazillion spammers doesn't snap it up first.
Which ACBL regional Nov 4-10?
*projectile vomits*
What is 5NT on this sequence?
I don't really see the point of posts like this. Auctions don't exist in a vacuum. Have you agreed to play Grand Slam Force? Then 5NT, by definition, is GSF.
Which ACBL regional Nov 4-10?
I'm not seeing the real problem here. The only two that are even close are the IL and IN ones, and those are still a 6hr drive apart.
Is this forcing?
The additional information that partner doesn't have maximum values? (Since he didn't force to game over 2[he])

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