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Uday Ivatury
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May 24, 2012
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Anti cheating committee
It might be considered kind of you, Leslie, to edit your posted/private message and remove the personal data about Justin, just as it was polite of you to ask for Eugene's permission before publicly posting his private message.
Can cheating be stopped in online bridge?
Bjarne makes useful observations. I doubt we can stop collusive cheating, offline or online. But we can lock a door or two. IMO, what's needed to address the (online) cheating issue: 1. Eliminate live kibitzers This is the single most impactful thing an organizer could do, and it will ...
Roland Wald R.I.P.
Who doesn't remember BBO lobby chat like this, from 2003? Walddk2 (Lobby): Our broadcast from the Camrose Trophy match between Scotland and Ireland will resume shortly in the Vugraph Theatre. Roland took over the Vugraph program at BBO very early and ran it for years. His passion was evident ...
A set of BBO feature requests
Howells in general require extra permissions and simple TD perms are not sufficient. So this isn't limited to VACB, but it is limited to TDs with these extra permissions.
Help - BBO teaching table
Deals at teaching tables are not saved on the BBO side. Your choices: a. Save the played deals one by one, either as 'Handviewer URLs' or to a folder in BBO. To do so, click the little 'hamburger/menu icon' inside the deal history ( in the right-hand pane of BBO ...
BBO table boot
Tables that are targets for the extremely popular 'Help me find a game' link are suspectible to this behaviour. Specifically, if a player thinks too long, the system assumes he/she is AFK and replaces w/a bot ( for the sake of the other players ) If you don't like ...
ACBL Online Sanction Pooling
All tables play each board at the same time. So with 8 tables, and (say) 24 boards, isn't a simple 8-round movement, 3 boards a round, good enough ? Likewise with 6 tables, 6 rounds of 4 bds each?
Olympic status. At what cost?
Where would one find details on the privacy policies associated with this TUE exemption ? Someone with a sensitive medical condition might well not want to send in details that could be chuckled over by people in shared social/professional circles. Perhaps the WBF has some sort of "wall" that prevents ...
ACBL Team cost vent - if it's as stupid as it looks. I'm hoping I was wrong.
ACBL also adds a surcharge ($4) per player for non-ACBL members. Don't recall if it is per session/day.
Finesse or not?
If declarer isn't going to finesse now, he/she should have drawn trump and played DA, DT; having taken risks playing for the OT earlier, seems inconsistent to deviate from that plan now.

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