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May 24, 2012
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Online substitute for dealmaster pro?
This is a version of the usual BBO dealer tool that supports the tricks( ) function, allowing you to do some of what you're talking about . Small machine. Url may change later. Seems to work. Drop me an email w ...
Simulation with Statistics
This might suffice, depending on what sort of statistics you're talking about You'll need to use a sort of programming language to express the constraints, but it works well enough for many use cases, and there's nothing to install ...
Degrees of Cheating
Mind taking this to its own thread? Steve W. has an issue worth discussing, and it doesn't need to be hijacked.
Degrees of Cheating
There's got to be a difference in our minds between 1. deliberately taking advantage of Unauthorized Information and 2. taking an action in good faith where your set of Logical Alternatives didn't match the one generated by your peers. It seems unreasonable to tag the latter as "unethical ...
Poland should not have played in the Bermuda Bowl.
This is the original BBO vugraph archive of the segment in question. It contains the original auction as entered by the operator, and the original comments. I'll leave it up there for a week or three. (edit: removed request for assistance in making the link ...
Camera position for BB
i think this is the link
Fantunes' defense under investigation
Don, IANAL, but I think the CDR at says that ACBL claims jurisdiction only over behaviour at ACBL-sanctioned events, with a minor exception or two, not at sites like BW.
ACBLscore v. Bridgescore+ showdown
As the third non-ACBL person on the advisory committee, I stand by what GH and RL have said. I too would like to see the ACBL learn from what happened, and salvage what might be salvaged, either in code or in concept. Even a cynic like myself has trouble ascribing ...
BW Investigates: Why Did the ACBL Abandon ACBLscore+?
Apologies, GS. But that's ridiculous on more than one front, and offensive as icing. It isn't fair to speculate out loud about "dirty hands." That phrase drips with insinuation, none of it worthy of analysis. And it isn't reasonable to take an off-the-cuff estimate from an ex ...
ACBL Lifetime Masterpoint Lists
I am the CEO of Bridge Base Online. I have a vested interest in increasing or at least maintaining the relevance of online bridge. One aspect of that relevance is the relevance of points won in an online venue. Only a naïf could think that excluding "online points" from various ...

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