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How would you rule?
Pd could have noticed that he has short spades and some values by looking at his hand before passing 4. 5 bid is a double shot in my opinion.
Which bids do you NOT agree?
Another poll wlth options that doesn't cover the whole universe. 5♣ Is the worst bid and not in the options listed.
Rasmus Maide's bidding problem: AK QJ AK85 JT543
Double first worry later. If pd bid 4 spades he must have very long spades otherwise he would have cuebid first. Although it is another headache (I would bid 4cl over cue), this aproach prevent playing in a 4-2 fit. The majority bid of 2 nt has 2 flaws where ...
Frank Lin's bidding problem: K543 AQ K32 K983
I bid 5 then 5NT over 5. After this Pd would bid the grand if it makes. If pd bis 6 anytime in the bidding, I will correct it to 6NT.
Ping Hu's bidding problem: Q73 KQT87 A743 T
Of course he can. But that would be quite agricultural. What extra information did he get from the 2 bidding to set the contract as a weaker hand? Pd will bid 2 with almost all balanced hands if not most of his values in one suit. We can ...
Ping Hu's bidding problem: Q73 KQT87 A743 T
Is pd really expected to bid 4 over 2?
Jon Green's bidding problem: QJ AK7 T86542 Q4
So bidding 2 is clearer.
Neill Currie's bidding problem: Kxx Axx Axx AQxx
I can't bring myself to beleive that ♥ are pd's 5+ cards suit since he didn't bid 3 ♥ at his previous turn. He also can't have the clubs with the same reason. On the other hand i must appreciate his brilliancy if he is doing all these ...
Jon Green's bidding problem: QJ AK7 T86542 Q4
Do we play support redoubles?
Oren Kriegel's lead problem: xx T8xxx QJx AKx
West screams he has ruffing value and he can see his hand. West has 3 trumps (assuming he would have raised spades somehow differently with four). They play in a 5-3 fit. This is the best opponent trump holding for leading trumps.

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