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Ugur Tas
Ugur Tas
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Oct. 15, 2012
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July 13
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Your rarest distribution
AKQxx AKQJXXXX - - LHO dealer P P 1 ? I bid 7 east doubled and got the spade lead for minus 1. If i had bid 2 ! (Michaels) pd would have bid spades ( he had 4 of them) and 7 would be doubled by LHO for ...
Rebidding a minor suit at the 4-level
I like to play 1x 1M 4x: 11-14 solid 6+ card minor 1x 1M 4y: 16-19 hcp not necessarily solid or 6 cards of suit 1x 1M 4M: 11-15 hcp 6-4, not solid suit (like the one in the op). For the hands that can’t stand pd to pass ...
Leo Liao's bidding problem: 5 A64 AKJT986 Q2
Is 2 forcing in Acol?
There may be many north hands that doesn’t accept an invitation but enough for game especially with known 5+ spades. So i find critics about 4 too harsh. But 5, especially undiscussed, is very dangerous because pd may think that it asks for control, which north ...
How many times would you pass?
All white
How many times would you pass?
I open 3 : chose 0 I pass as dealer but bid 2/3 over 1nt : chose 1 I pass as dealer and over 1nt but bid 3 over 2: chose 2 I never bid : chose 3
How many times would you pass?
There must be a mistake. I see that this hand pass as dealer and lho opens 1sp! And only opponents bid. We and pd always pass.
1!S - 1N - 3!S - 4!H
What do you play 1 4?
Dorn Bishop's bidding problem: AQJ986 7 98643 9
Because 6 might be easier against x xxx AKxxx Axxx
Winston Chang's bidding problem: J986542 K6 62 93
I would have bid 4s on the previous round.

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