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Ugur Tas
Ugur Tas
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Oct. 15, 2012
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How many times would you pass?
All white
How many times would you pass?
I open 3 : chose 0 I pass as dealer but bid 2/3 over 1nt : chose 1 I pass as dealer and over 1nt but bid 3 over 2: chose 2 I never bid : chose 3
How many times would you pass?
There must be a mistake. I see that this hand pass as dealer and lho opens 1sp! And only opponents bid. We and pd always pass.
1!S - 1N - 3!S - 4!H
What do you play 1 4?
Dorn Bishop's bidding problem: AQJ986 7 98643 9
Because 6 might be easier against x xxx AKxxx Axxx
Winston Chang's bidding problem: J986542 K6 62 93
I would have bid 4s on the previous round.
Delayed spade overcall
I think 2 bidder has 4 s and 5+ s and short s. With minors reversed he could double with the intention of correcting 3 to 3.
Richard Granville's bidding problem: AQJ K K76432 AK8
KD Kxx xxxx QJX Q/Jxx?
Ilai Baniri's bidding problem: Kx KQJ Kx KQJTxx
We may make 3 nt with 2 aces in pd's hand as long as one of them is in s. We may make 5 with any 2 aces in pd's hand.
Michael Kopera's bidding problem: Q764 A4 AT7 KQ64
It is interesting all the discussion about pd having 6s. With six s pd would either open 2 or bid 4 now with sufficient values that make him able to bid 3s. I think he has 5s and gf values (may be a little less ...

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