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Feedback for Convention Chart, Part 2
Peter, which of 'artificial' or 'natural' fits the bill best? :-)
Feedback for Convention Chart, Part 2
"Natural" I fail to see why a constructive 2-level canapé opening should not be deemed natural. As written now, from what I can tell, it´s not. Say 2H = 11-15 4H & 5+C or 2S = 12-15, 4M & 5+m (either). I'd suggest that a 2-level opening bid with 4-cards ...
Mandatory Post Mortem in bidding/lead problems ?
Bidding/leading forums are IMO not just a theorethical excercise. They should also give the reader some enjoyment and sense of gratification. While the actual table result may detract from the discussion, it's also another way for the reader to get redemption for a low score on the problem ...
3 ways to support 1M opener in 2/1 auction
I play jump in 4th suit as substitute splinter in opened M with support for Y.
3 ways to support 1M opener in 2/1 auction
The Bridge World, June 2012 - "The support switch".
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: J6 A32 AKT2 T975
Many moons ago (mid 90's) I had: xx Axxx AJxxx xx Imps, same start, 3H (pass)? My LHO had represented Sweden and RHO was a multiple national winner. I tried 4C and bought it in 4H making. In this situation it seemed better to fake strength with a non ...
Mandatory Post Mortem in bidding/lead problems ?
I think getting the full deal adds a lot of enjoyment and I just hate TBW approach.
Gregory Nowak's bidding problem: JT865 --- AJ AJ8752
When I play in ACBL, with one american partner I have the agreement that 2S does not show extra length, but is waiting. Typical hand: KQxx xx xxx AKJx What would you bid over 2D with this?
David Hankins's bidding problem: --- Kx Kxxxx QJ9xxx
Strongly disagree. Not that it matters on this hand.
Babar Mahmood's bidding problem: K7 KQ97 KQ98752 ---
I play the other way around, suggesting tricks (not being a fan of 4441-type splinters) because it makes decision to move easier when space is scarce.

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