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Ulf Nilsson
Ulf Nilsson
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Ulf Nilsson

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Paul Hightower's bidding problem: AJ962 A54 7 A873
Seriously?! Overcalling may be wrong, in the same way that some days just getting out of bed is wrong, but passing over 2 is horrible IMO.
Gabriel Fractman's bidding problem: --- Q642 KT94 KT973
Don't understand David's comment either. For me, 3 is singelton, 4 is void.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: K532 KJ985 K98 6
And I prefer the non-preempter to be on lead.
For System Geeks Only
David, what do you play that solves these potential problems/challenges?
Gordon Rainsford's bidding problem: Q KQ7 JT632 JT95
Any suggestion what partner might have?
Christopher Donnelly's bidding problem: 83 K8 KQJ AKQ876
Agree with David and for me this hand is too good for 3 over 1NT as it would be nonforcing.
James Creech's bidding problem: KJ J54 652 AKT53
That hand could bid 3 over 1, even if 2 is ok. However 2 would be a clear misbid, 3 being the obvious rebid over 2.
James Creech's bidding problem: KJ J54 652 AKT53
Because there's no slam ambition and 3 might encourage partner to go past 3NT.
James Creech's bidding problem: KJ J54 652 AKT53
We can't be sure partner is looking for slam. Might be fishing for stopper with something like AQxx Axx xx Qxxx
Avon Wilsmore's bidding problem: 932 AK653 A KT85
20+ years ago I played (1) 1NT as a H overcall. Worked very well, then when a new partnership was formed it didn't make it.

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