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Is an adjustment warranted?
How does this article say to alert when there is no partnership agreement? And isn't the regulation what kind of bids are alertable usually not part of the Laws?
Jordan Lampe's bidding problem: AQT9 Q4 AKQT82 9
"CHO has made the call you knew he would." I didn't know that at all. Was my double takeout or penalty?
Reducing the Manipulation Factor in Robot Individuals
Remove the humans completely, and just let four GIBs play.
Should a Committee, Overturn or Uphold This Ruling? (And how would you, as a director, have ruled?)
This is mentioned in the posting: "The director offers North a chance to change his call, but North passes."
Claim requiring a future revoke
Thanks - I wasn't aware of this change in the 2017 Laws.
Claim requiring a future revoke
Law 64B3 says, there is no rectification if the revoke was made in failing to play any card faced on the table. Since declarer faced his cards when claiming (I assume), even if the players decide to play on under the 2017 Laws and declarer revokes, there is no trick ...
Who is wrong?
What do you bid with 4531 and, say, 10 points?
Eric Leong's bidding problem: AKQ 6 AKQ82 A832
What kind of hand can partner have that doesn't at least give slam some chances? Even with something like Jxxxx Kxxx xx xx slam is acceptable.
TAKE OUT or PENALTY - Other Auctions
"nothing to discuss on any of them" Evidently not.
Which contract would you prefer to be in?
Interesting hand: While 6NT is cold when South is declarer (and might go down on a diamond lead when played by North), in 7NT you would prefer North to become declarer, to avoid the club lead from West.

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