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Ulrich Voigt
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April 17, 2016
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Best line in 3NT?
I'm not sure whether this play has the desired effect. A good defender should be very suspicious: would you really lead a low spade if you have Axx(x) or ATx(x), when you don't have that many dummy entries? East may conclude that you don't have ...
What should the selectors do?
Before you have to win long matches in the BB, you have to survive a RR quite similar to the one in the European championship. Also, being able to avoid disasters against strong opponents sounds like a useful skill if you want to win long matches against those opponents.
Take Your Only Chance
The contract can (and probably would) still be made if South ducks 10. Declarer continues with A, cashes exactly one heart and goes back into his hand with a club (no finesse). After all, if North holds Qxx, declarer has nine top tricks now. When North discards on the third ...
Ruling: Unsolicited play by dummy on the twelfth trick
It seems dummy didn't follow the play closely and was in "it doesn't matter anymore" mode.
David Sackett's bidding problem: A4 K85 --- AQT87643
Why should I start with 5? I can still bid that later on, and it's not like I'm worried about the opponents outbidding us. But a 5 opening makes it unlikely that we reach 3NT when it's right.
Please, One More Time for this Theme
Just for the record: What exactly is a mixed raise and how does it differ from a limit raise?
Warning: Viewer Discretion
To quote Richard: What is the point of this?
What is the Best line in 6NT?
If you cash two rounds of each suit, do you still have entries to enjoy the hearts even if the finesse is working?
Jovana Zoranovic's bidding problem: Q764 K983 Q5 J72
I don't see much reason to preempt; they have exchanged enough information already to find a 5m contract if it's there. However, a preempt might get partner to lead the wrong major if they should bid 3NT. I want partner to lead his longer (better) major, to achieve ...
Kieran Dyke's bidding problem: KQ KQ753 KQ9 AJT
Can't I double followed by 3NT in this case? On the other hand, with an immediate 3NT bid you get to play there opposite xxx Axxx xx Qxxx

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