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April 17, 2016
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Elegant because it is so simple!
If there is no club ruff, you can discard a heart on A and draw trumps. You don't lose trump control now because you have already played clubs once.
Cool double dummy problem from Wednesday’s common game
The only dangerous lead is a club, otherwise declarer can simply establish diamonds. On a club lead, declarer draws all but one trump, coming down to K - AKQx x versus x x x 109x. North must keep A and four diamonds, and therefore not more than one club. Now ...
Score adjustment against/ No score adjustment for my partnership?
"What’s to prevent players from detaching cards intentionally to deceive the opponents if not for 73E2?" Law 73 D2.
Score adjustment against/ No score adjustment for my partnership?
The bridge reason was taken directly from your quote of Law 73 E2. If you base your decision for a score adjustment on that law, how can you say a part of it is irrelevant?
Score adjustment against/ No score adjustment for my partnership?
But the opponent had a bridge reason for his action: he had already decided which card to play.
Futile Willie?
4 is a serious overbid. Partner will have length in spades, because no one bid them, and probably some diamond length as well. Something like Jxxxx xx Kxx Kxx wouldn't be surprising, and he can easily be weaker. By the way, Kieran's hand has 15 HCP.
Duplicate Poker
That doesn't make them duplicate games. In a chess tournament, you have only one opponent at a time, you are not compared to everyone else in your seat.
Forcing or not
Good luck explaining that to the director when he gave an adjusted score because you didn't alert.
Forcing or not
"Artificial call: 1. A bid, double, or redouble that conveys information (not being information taken for granted by players generally) other than (or in addition to) a willingness to play in the denomination named or last named." That makes any kind of fit jump or fit non jump artificial.
Is Bridge a Sport?
Well, there are TV shows with competitive cooking...

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