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Ethical Or Not?
"But once in awhile, it means the in temp bid UI too." It means that the "in tempo" bid is actually a BIT.
Playing Weak NT. How to bid after 1m=1M with 4 card support.
Does responder ever have a minimum? They can't afford to bid on with 5-7 opposite 15-17 just because there might be a fit.
The notorious doctors
@Steve: If you ask nicely, I'm pretty sure tournament directors can and will accomodate. If you behave like an axe in a forest, as a German figure of speech says, the directors may instead decide to throw the book at you.
The notorious doctors
Did you have sympathy for Al Capone when they got him for tax reasons?
Forcing or not?
"Forcing, but I could still pass depending on my holding." I think that is the definition of not forcing.
Forcing or not?
Does a solution exist?
Looking at the hand diagrams, I thought this article was about a bidding decision over 4. Is it really so hard to add three passes at the end of the bidding?
Why not?
A result of 2+2 or whatever number of tricks is utterly impossible, since South bid 2 and there is no indication whatsoever that he wouldn't have done so over 2. After all, South thought they had a 9+ fit in spades.
The case for zero-max IMPs - part 2
From a recent club tournament: 65 AK1074 KJ42 Q10 opposite A843 9863 A6 AJ4 Every pair unlucky enough to sit East-West in this board will lose either 14 or 11 IMPs, depending on whether they bid 4 or 6. Unless they happen to overbid to the cold grand ...

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