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Ulrich Voigt
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April 17, 2016
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What is a "world class player"?
Let's quote Chthonic: "I recommend Human Bridge Errors for intermediate to advanced players. This is by your species’ own deluded standards, of course. By my accounting, only Michael Rosenberg and Helen Sobel have ever achieved the rank of novice. The rest of you qualify as various degrees of beginners ...
What does a hesitation suggest here?
Ruling please
Certainly not.
Ruling please
Someone who claims in this elaborate way instead of simply playing Q from dummy is not world class, at least not in this moment.
Challenging Deep Finesse...2019 version
Yes, good point. So I tried this hand: North: K1074 Q963 AJ852 - East: AJ852 K1074 - Q963 South: - AJ852 Q963 K1074 West: Q963 - K1074 AJ852 After 13 minutes, I got the following result: "Unexpected Error: Out of memory: can't malloc more transposition table cells."
Challenging Deep Finesse...2019 version
Try this specific hand: North: AQ107 9642 KJ853 - East: - AQ107 9642 KJ853 South: 9642 KJ853 - AD107 West: KJ853 - AQ107 9642 Contract: 1NT by South My not-too-shabby computer took about six minutes.
Club level ruling . what do you think?
"I had a spade in with my clubs" OK, but why did you open 1 with four diamonds and three (presumed) clubs?
what is the best line in these 4!S ?
"You start by ruffing a ♦ and play a ♠ to ♠K which holds." I don't. I start by playing K from my hand.
Tricky Discard at Trick 2! (Flint)
This strategem appeared at least once in the Menagerie books.
Do bridgeplayers LIKE conventions?

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