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Ulrich Voigt
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April 17, 2016
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Snowball in Hell
Isn't that easy? Try to make 7 or 7 with AKQJ109 AKQJ109 3 - opposite 876543 876543 2 -. Only a club lead allows you to get rid of the diamond loser, so the contract can be made only if the opening leader has 13 clubs. Replace ...
Kaustabh Nandi's bidding problem: x Jxxx Kxxx AKQx
What would you have him bid with AQxx x Qxx Jxxxx?
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: KQ KQ9 AT9873 J3
Partner makes a takeout double and I have a six card suit. What could I possibly bid?
Snowball in Hell
A few weeks (?) ago someone posted a hand where South could make 1 on a 3-2 fit, Q10x opposite Jx. It required some ruffing, on a trump lead it couldn't make. Luckily, West was void in trumps. My guess is, this hand wasn't played in 1 ...
Andreas Babsch's bidding problem: T86 AK94 AK954 A
Well, two thirds of Bridgewinners voters are idiots then.
Tina Dogan's bidding problem: AKQJ9832 K KQ 98
Why is it clear that 5 is making? We might easily get one spade, heart and diamond.
Suit handling question
It is more annoying if you take the best line and lose 10+ IMPs when your counterpart chooses an inferior but successful line. (If it is the other way round, you owe your success to your better table presence, of course.)
Can I pass? or not?
Unless you have unauthorized information from partner's behaviour, you can draw any inference from his calls and bid whatever you want. So, you are certainly allowed to pass. Your partner, however, had UI from your explanation. After the play is over, the director will most likely disallow the 6 ...
Tournaments using computers
No need for a venue? Of course you can play online from home, but for any kind of serious competition that's not feasible. I'm quite sure you will still need a venue (including tables), and thanks to all the electronics required, I would expect the costs actually to ...
Tournaments using computers
How would it reduce costs for participants?

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