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Veljko Vujcic
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Oct. 11, 2010
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represented Serbia on international level
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Table feel vs Cheating
You're kind of right but I find it way too general. Imagine 3NT played, declarer ducks lead twice (let's pretend there was no count given) and the guy on the lead falls into tank. A good declarer might use this to guess later what to play from, say ...
GAWRYS Wins Spingold
Comment was very informative and just a tiny bit malignant. But removing it is heavy censorship.
GIB falsecards like a champ
Here it could hurt. E could have AK sec and declarer could miss the line. Now, contract would already be down a several and declarer would've had psyched, but still...
ATB - Slam at IMPs
E, but next time W will have doubleton and slam will go down on A - c!x
ATB : Expensive Misdefense
100% N, 100% S
Overtricks at Imps
For the same reason you might try for the overtrick!
Clear as MUD (USA2 vs Bulgaria SF Segment 3 board 15)
Kit, what if declarer was holding AQJxxxx/Jxxx/-/Qx? He could try to make a camouflage play knowing he was playing against a great defender to make him falsecard with Hx.
Obeying signals vs being practical
I got to make another poll about if this poll makes sense. Good luck at your tourney.
Obeying signals vs being practical
I thought that problem is generic enough to present it like this and it's really stripped down to these three considerations. For example pard can't have KQJ stiff as declarer would've ducked 2nd club as well etc. It's presented this way on purpose, because it doesn ...
BW MSC Rebid
3c was overbid imho if you don't have mechanisms to show intermediate hands (playing gazilli etc). 2c or 3nt

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