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Veronique Ventos
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May 19, 2016
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PhD in Artificial Intelligence (Knowledge Representation and Machine Learning) in 1997. Associate professor in the group A&O in the interplay of Machine Learning and Optimization at University Paris Saclay, France since 1998. I started playing bridge in 2004 and am now 59th French woman player out of 48644 players. In 2015, I set up the AlphaBridge project combining my two passions. AlphaBridge is dedicated to solve the game of bridge by defining a hybrid architecture including recent numeric and symbolic Machine Learning modules.Part of my work is about the optimization of the AI Wbridge5 developed by Yves Costel.The Wbridge5 version boosted with this method won the World Computer-Bridge Championship twice, in September 2016 and in August 2017.



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Bridge and Artificial Intelligence in Orlando
Tx :) I went to Boston last year to present our paper related to the boosting of Wbridge5 but I will return there with pleasure ;)
Bridge and Artificial Intelligence in Orlando
Very interesting Richard. You should definitely visit us in paris for at least a week
2018 USBC analysis & Levin - Weinstein profile
Just come back with my NukkAI team from the International Logic Programming conference where I presented as first speaker our paper related to bridge and Artificial Intelligence "The game of Bridge: a challenge for ILP". There were some "star researchers" very interested by our work concerning a supervised learning problem ...
2018 USBC analysis & Levin - Weinstein profile
I love this stuff !!!! thanks It's very useful for humans of course but also for the designing of a Bridge Artificial Intelligence based on human expertise like the one under construction in our AlphaBridge project :)
AI, Contract Bridge, Conventional Bidding. A casual update.
Tx Richard :) the current work is far from the seed approach about which we had a lively discussion :) by the way the insights you gave us were very useful
AI, Contract Bridge, Conventional Bidding. A casual update.
Sure :) I'm an AI researcher and since 3 years I focus my research on the game of Bridge. The first step was to convince my community that bridge is a killer application for AI. It was difficult but I have been lucky enough to bring together top level researchers ...
Boosting a Bridge Artificial Intelligence
Boosting a Bridge Artificial Intelligence
Sorry for my answering late but I have asked my co-authors to answer your very interesting questions. I happen to have had the same concerns as yours when O Teytaud proposed to adapt his « seed approach » to Bridge: I could not figure out how such a method could even work ...
Boosting a Bridge Artificial Intelligence
Hi Nick, to avoid copyright pb, I created this Draft version
Boosting a Bridge Artificial Intelligence
I must tell you one thing, despite my name I'm not native English speaker ;) joking aside if people want to help us to correct our next article from a grammatical point of view, I will be very grateful. From a scientific point of view, I know exactly where we ...

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