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Victor Aronov
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June 12, 2011
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Deep Finesse says I can make it
Ah and heart, they return diamond we ruff diamond and play 3 rounds of clubs, with fines. If north is 0553, we ruff diamond low and claim, in real hand we ruff ruff a club and again claim.The only problem is north 0544 but that's unlikely.
Victor Aronov's bidding problem: AT432 AK32 AQ75 ---
X xxxx KJxxxxx x Is partner hand 4sp bider has 6115
To Show or Not To Show?
It's not minor point. Happened to me more than once.
Victor Aronov's bidding problem: AT432 AK32 AQ75 ---
In real life, partner had single club so 6 is the limit. So 7diXX was not very good result.
Victor Aronov's bidding problem: AT432 AK32 AQ75 ---
It is 100% real hand.
How do you play a double in this sequence?
You want to play dbl on 2he for take-out and thats for sure. So i play dbl on 2sp for take-out, just to be easy to remember. In reality either penalty or take-out is super rare.
Suit Combination
Bring Him Into The Loop
Not so sure even slam try is so good idea. Give partner Axx, AKxx, xx, Axxx and you are in 5 spades with around 70% chance. Qxx, Axxx, Axx, Axx and you are in bad slam and even AQx, Axxx, xxx, Axx is not cold.
ATB -180 vs +600
There is no ten of diamonds in your diagram???? If it is with West it is always 500, if ten is with East, declarer will need double dummy lines to escape for -1. So the problem is not in your biding.
Scoring errors
Let the bridgemate show results on board. +450 how much we get? 0% wtf and error is found. Happens to me several times.

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