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Victor Chubukov
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After Openers Re-opening Double
Aside from 2X, another benefit to doubling instead of bidding 3 is that you might get to play in 2. (If responder had bid 2 over the double and opener bids 3, I would think that should show significant extras.)
Victor Chubukov's bidding problem: AKQx Jx AT AKJ9x
I no longer rememember if I held this hand or if this was even a real hand, but I'm sure that my intention after 2 was to show a balanced 22-24.
Bidding match-making - possible bridgewinners features
I really like this idea and wanted to do something similar, but I worry that we'd have to not let people change votes, or the results would be too skewed.
Gazzilli over 1!D
This is a neat idea. I gave up on the unbalanced diamond because I never thought the transfer rebids that most people played were particularly useful or worth the cost. The gazilli-like method seems to be a clear improvement.
What is This Double?
Simply because if you have length in both diamonds and spades defending becomes much more attractive. And if your shortness can be in either major, partner will never know to pass when you have spade length here.
The reason for this thusness
How about a much simpler example. Partner leads slowly against 1n-3n and I win the ace. Partner's spot is consistent with either KJxxx or Jxxxx. Declarer clearly has a bunch of tricks. I have to guess whether to return partner's suit or shift to my suit, which will ...
The reason for this thusness
David B: If you assume that a marginal hand will make 3n a good contract when responder is a maximum then your definition is not much different from "if successful". It is only the randomness of 3n contracts that creates the impression that they are far apart. In a slam ...
The reason for this thusness
comment in wrong place
The reason for this thusness
To make it more explicit, take David's example of the 1N-2N auction. If opener bids with a minimum, or passes with a maximum, we roll it back, saying that it is indistinguishable from opener bidding based on UI. Fine, I can agree with this. But what if opener has ...
The reason for this thusness
I don't know what the law should be, but I don't understand how it's possible to agree with the interpretation David Burn is proposing here and yet dismiss Mark Raphaelson's "damned if you do, damned if you don't" thread as misunderstanding the laws. If it ...

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