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Vigfus Palsson
Vigfus Palsson
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Jan. 12, 2013
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Jan. 8
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Bridge Director

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Finessing for the 8 of diamond, for making 9 tricks in 3 clubs. 35 years ago - and it was guessing.
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Bridgefélag Reykjavíkur
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Majors - Minors ?
I was the TD. What is the correct ruling here ? 1. Did South mishear the explaination? Was a little asleep? 2. Did West misbid his explaination? thougtht he said majors but accidently said minors? 3. Does the existence of convention card by E/W let South be more responisbile to ...
Spades are the trumps - What is your ruling.
My partner was sure not a TD. Just a pickup partner from Ireland. He was not willing to start a wild fight with East and decided to give East 1 extra trick, so we could start playing the last round. - And I understood that well.
Spades are the trumps - What is your ruling.
I have no problem for letting N/S have 10 tricks. But do we belive that law 23 should be used? For myself as dummy, I had no imaginaton "that this could well damage the non-offending side" And the same for declarer. So, how far should TD's go to ...
Spades are the trumps - What is your ruling.
I had a 1 week vacation in Tenerife last week and I was dummy. I had a pick up partnership with a wonderful Irish player. It was the second last round. When East "overruffed" my partner's spade and played heart, East became furious. This was nothing but N/S ...
Marko KučAn's bidding problem: KQJ5 K84 AK643 8
I have no PASS card in my bidding box
Ruling question
For east, the knowledge of the majors behind in the south hand, certanly took away his possiblilty to bid 2. I will never allow N/S get away with this misinformation. East was sure damaged. Then N/S can try to get redress by an appeal committie. And remember ...
Ruling question
There is no question about Misinformation. And there is no argument about that West would have bid 1NT anyway. BUT... EAST was damaged because of the misinformation. He would sure have bid stayman over 1NT. I rule 2 or 2. 9 tricks for E/W. The play of ...
An unusual problem for the director
Really the Diamond Jack? 4 years ago I had similar case here in Iceland. The opening lead was the same. Diamond Jack, and of course the DJ was in dummy. The opening leader called me, and I found out that he held the cards from last board. I took the ...
Misinformation happens very often
I was the TD here ( as many of you have probably guessed ) And E/W are world class players and N/S are experts. ( Not self rated by BBO standards ) There was misinformation in this case. No argument about that. But what was the damage ?, when did it occur ? 1 ...
Misinformation happens very often
I made a mistake yesterday. West bid 7 over 7

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