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Vinoth Kumar Raghavan
Vinoth Kumar Raghavan
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Oct. 10, 2010
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Dec. 29, 2017
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Hand Locked
Yes of course! Thanks Kit. I had got it mixed up.
Hand Locked
On Page 8.. "It wouldn't have helped to play the diamonds first. When declarer later leads the ♣9, West wins, leads the jack of diamonds, and East discards his last club, depriving declarer of the needed dummy entry. " Kit, if East discards a club, declarer can discard a club ...
Jenish Shah's bidding problem: T7 AJ42 J9 AT974
This is very Similar to auction in Kit's Article "Death Distribution". He had laid out a very clean treatment (on Page 2) for these situations as below: QUOTE "DBL: Either hearts and clubs, 3-suited, or red suits with longer diamonds. After you double, if partner bids 2NT that would ...
Ruling After Failure to Alert
ROFL! Peter, you made my day with the quantum interpretation of bridge laws. Thanks for the explanation to both you and John.
Ruling After Failure to Alert
I would like some opinion on general bidding mis-hap situations like this, where the offending side is in a wrong spot because of the misunderstanding. I don't understand the logic of "I would have doubled 4S, if 2S was alerted as mixed raise" because, if 2S was alerted as ...
Vinoth Kumar Raghavan's lead problem: 63 T942 KJ4 QT82
no special agreement.. (would have showed value)
Vinoth Kumar Raghavan's bidding problem: AKJT743 --- AKQJ J2
Any particular reason for majority of 4S bids? Seems a bit conservative to me. Might need only A/K of and xxx or Q of for slam. Also, I am surprised, there has been no hopeful 6 votes.
Vinoth Kumar Raghavan's bidding problem: Qxx Axxx QJx xxx
Hi Chuck. thanks for the feedback. what would be the difference between 3 via 2 and direct 3 in your agreement?
Vinoth Kumar Raghavan's bidding problem: KT98763 832 953 ---
Michal, in uncontested, 1C-1D-? 3NT is with a running minor (generally suits stopped). No specific agreement on this particular auction, however same should apply. Buddy, transfer or natural, the question is whether to pull out of 3N or not.. (I would count both 4H and 4S as same vote).
Half Dummy
If the is guessed wrong, immaterial of the position, the defense will return a putting you on the spot at trick 3. Believe this reduces your percentages quite a lot.

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