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Viorel Anghel
Viorel Anghel
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Sept. 2, 2015
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Dec. 3, 2018
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Sandwich Cue-bid of Opener by Unpassed Hand
the difference is not 1/1 vs 2/1 but known 5 card suit -- when you won't play cuebid as ntural long suit versus possible short suit
The Language of Bridge is Book of the Year
reviews from the net: - -
The Language of Bridge is Book of the Year
can we have a free pdf chapter? or at least the table of contents?
How would you rule, and would you request a ruling?
"NS called TD" -- is there any joy in winning hands like this?
Wrong information?
if "there is no such document" => so South presumably did not discussed the position with his partner => the right answer is "we did not discussed this" => there is no "wrong explanation". hence must learn to answer exactly what he estabilished with his partner, not what he thinks a particular bid ...
Viorel Anghel's bidding problem: KJ5 --- QJ94 KJ7543
after the popular and unhappy 2NT, the bidding continues:
Passed Hand Bidding - Part 1
what's the rush to bid 1S with xxxx xx AKQxx xx ?
The Bridge World
yes, pdf subscription. cut down production prices, cut down distribution prices, instant distribution world wide, everyone happy. it's the only way other niche magazines survived. for rxample linux magazine is 2$/month from 10$/mo print edition
Gazzilli: A description
presumably with minimum you pass 1NT (which is NF), with max you open 1NT
Life Ban Deserved?
the guy was banned for words like “very inexperienced”??? omg

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