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Board 6 - 12 November
I also passed. Always hold my breath with these hands.
Board 7 Tuesday 12 Nov
I would normally lead the K from KQTx and always with 5 card suit, however I get count and not attitude and am not sure how to continue. Leading the Q will get an unblock or attitude but can also backfire. I’m not sure next time what I would ...
Bd 24 5th Nov
We don't, but would be useful to have. I've only tried it at the suggestion of one partner and he continually forgot to notice my echoing! We gave up. Could you give us something to read and consider? Thanks
Bd 24 5th Nov
We give rev count. With so little interest in the rest of the hand I'm guilty and caught out! The 8 then the 5 would have made life easier for Sue.
Bd 1 29th October
So funny Helene! Three of us were at the table waiting for the 4th to log on. I looked at my hand for about 5 minutes whilst waiting constantly changing my mind between 3 and 4. Looks like it's a case of - "in the moment"
Board 11, 30th October
Yes I did Kate! Then I went back to my box on the principal, I described my hand the first time and chose my poison. It definitely improves with no wasted values in 's, but I didn't think about LOTT, more about I'd made my bed. I ...
Board 11, 30th October
I bid 2's so East had no problem finding 2. Passed back to me I now (naturally) wished I'd bid a multi 2 which can still see us playing at the 2 level if pard is a min. 2 making 8 tricks only lost ...
Bd 8 (24) 15/10
We do have a Texas available there and did discuss it afterwards. Thanks for your comments Andy, always really appreciated.
Board 6 - 8 October
Thanks Kate, nice to see the logic in black and white.
Board 10, October 8th
We collected 800 against 2X for this board. Our X is penalties so after the auction went (1NT) X (XX) P (2) my next X is T/O, (2D) and Sue's X now is penalty style.

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