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Vladimir Machat
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March 30, 2013
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A bridge player, TD, club manager, youngster coach


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Choose your defensive strategy
I think 2-step approach with overcalling first is appealing in several ways. A. 2 takes away their space. They can no longer distinguish between sound and weakish raise, as they can over double. B. I am nicely placed if partner introduces voluntarily: 1 2 any 2 ...
Time for a rethink
@Frances: Back at times, when strong pass was not restricted even in club pair games, at least at my jurisdiction, we had an elderly pair. When the lady opened the bidding, she transferred her 5+card suit or bid any-strength balanced 1. Her partner always opened naturally. Quite a ...
Superaccepts over 1NT or 2NT with 3 trumps
Through many years, I have proposed superaccepts after 1N(15-17)-2R onlÿ with 4 trumps and weak doubleton(Ax or Kx possible with control maximum), as suggested by Danny Kleinman (The Notrump Zone). Over the years, such hands only rarely appeared. Today I suggest simple +2 superaccept with good hands ...
A new (?) idea for 2N
1N-2 = 54, 55, 64 majors 1N-2N = either 55+ minors or 65+ majors 1N-3 = either 6+ or 65+ and either major 1N-3 = either 6+ or 65+ and 1N-3 = either 6+ or 65+ and 2-suited option is always used constructively.
How do you play 2NT-3S
We call it "quantitative 3".
Should one play 1m-(p)-2M as a SJS?
When playing opener transfer responses to 1-1M (1 unbalanced), then 1-1-2 shows 54, limited values and no reason for 1-2 being reverse Flannery. My WJSs are about 5-7 HCP and my constructive 1-1M-any-2M are pretty frequent!
Delayed double of minor
With the hand above, 1 overcall is quite an option. My second round double surely shows fair hand, more like: xx AJxx KQ10x Axx Secretly I hope for 2 from my LHO and next double from my vis-a-vis. I am not overcalling 1N even ...
Common competitive situations and follow ups
You probably have a default agreement for transfer to their suit, like: (1)-1N-p-2. Might use it here as well. In the example above: 1♣-(1♦)-2♣ I would take 2 as natural . Not a final contract, usually :D.
Common competitive situations and follow ups
My preferred style is: 1-(1)-X = 4-5 (with 6+: 2) 1-(1)-X = 4-5 (with 6+: 2), but it requires 1-(1/1)-1 = balanced or 1-(1/1)-2 = For ...
2, 3 or 4?
To overcome 25 IMP deficit, I would need at least 3 reasonable swings. I don´t bet on opps misplay of 4, which they will certainly bid. I´m looking for their one off and our 6 IMPs if partner can´t accept the invitation.

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