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Improving the Seeding Process
Gene- I agree that swiss is not long matches but they do it in the WC and I don'ts see a better method. What I am proposing is on the typical round of 128 that didn't happen this year
Improving the Seeding Process
Brian, You choose in the order you were seeded or finished in the Swiss. However I would exempt a percent of the high swiss finishers from being chosen by the exempt. For example: Assume the 2017 63 teams plus 10 teams from the 0-10,000 who plan to play because ...
Improving the Seeding Process
After reading all the suggestions I feel he only new approach possible is a blend of the USBF and WC approaches. A new objective rating system, probably the best way, gets in the way of too many stake holders. 1-Exempt certain teams from the round robin and first round based ...
Improving the Seeding Process
I take back my comment that this idea is completely off-topic. If we could increase the Vanderbilt/Spingold field to significantly more than 64, that would force teams in the lower quarter to play a round of 128. In this case a mis-seeded team would win their first match, takeover ...
Improving the Seeding Process
An improvement (off-topic to Brian's question, is why not start the 0-10,000 or 20,000 or whatever the day after the Spingold/Vanderbilt round of 64. Then us bottom feeders could have our cake and eat it too. What it would really do is increase attendance in both ...
Improving the Seeding Process
View from the bottom. (another constituency) I am one of those "bottom 8" team players and Brian beat me quite easily in the round of 64. A past USBF Trials teammate of mine played in the 0-10,000 event and won it. He then proceeded to berate me and my ...
Jacoby Swiss - MIA?
only updated through 5 rounds. Round 6 pairings up but no results
National Bridge Organization?
I would like to comment here that negative comments about the ACBL not caring about its members do not apply to the USBF. The USBF seems to care very much for its members. All you need to do to play in its events is pay dues and the events are ...
What is mainstream here?
Natural slam try 5-4 or 6-4. This because 3H is 5-5 majors NF and 3S is 5-5 majors forcing and 1N-2H-2S-4S is a one suited slam try. (Normal in my experience, not what I play)
Complex Hand
I think you can lead a small Club at trick 4 since if the Club A is onside you are making

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