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Bake Yourself a Multi Defence
Steve- Should X be 13-15balanced or 13+ all balanced hands is currently what I am struggling with. Tom
Multi 2!D Defence Revisited
I think that advancer passes 2D-X with all hands without a 5 card suit with less than game values. 2D might make or might go down but guessing and bidding a 4 card suit seems wrong
Bake Yourself a Multi Defence
Unfortunately that "small positive result" from the "weak two" version could easily be offset by the opponents playing something like the ACBL #1 defense because doubling with 13-15HCP balance might not work so well against a MULTI with "strong variations." Tom
Multi 2!D Defence Revisited
Here is my quick double dummy analysis You bid multi with 5-9HCP exactly 6 spades and less than 4 hearts. LHO doubles with 13-15HCP balanced. You go down 2+ in 2S 33% of the time and are down 1 21%. Your opponents have 23.3 average HCP and you have ...
Multi 2!D Defence Revisited
Doug- I looked at your transfer overcall structure in detail and decided that I agree with Dave Caprera that doubling an artificial preempt with a balanced 13-15HCP is a good general rule that I can't give up. To convince me otherwise I would need to simulate what happens when ...
Bake Yourself a Multi Defence
Good point so 2S ought to be a natural overcall So what I get so far is: 2D-X = 13-15HCP balanced 2D-2H = natural NF 2D-2S = natural NF
Value of Support Doubles?
We play them but not mandatory but we don't play 2/1
Bake Yourself a Multi Defence
If all this is correct then X = 13-15HCP balanced and one should pass and wait with a TOD of one major and shortness in the other major. This makes 2H a natural overcall because it is likely to come back @ 2S. I see no point overcalling 2S with a minimum ...
Bake Yourself a Multi Defence
I am still struggling with this idea. What I see is that transfer overcalls using 2D-X have value but giving up 2D-X as a balanced 13-15HCP hand is not worth it because of the ability to punish the opponents. Is this the consensus? Regards, Tom
Bake Yourself a Multi Defence
It seems that we are off Doug's fundamental idea which is x=H and H=S. Without obsessing over what 2S and above mean, how does that idea strike everyone?
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