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W "Tom" Reynolds
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July 18, 2014
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Our game is under threat
At the risk of being run out of town on a rail.…. The appropriate court has ruled. The simply said insufficient evidence to convict. Frankly I was worried about that back during the discussion a couple of years ago. I was skeptical that the evidence was sufficient.
Age - JUST a Number!
7 yes, 92 you need to be Benito
Worst Bid? For Bidding Theory Geeks Only
1D (forcing 15+)-2D (balanced 10-13HCP) 3D (trump set, Diamonds-3NT (Casper no, 14, 30, 2, 2+), I like my hand for slam, 0-3KC) 5D Simple Symmetric relay If you relay after 2D it goes 1D-2D-2H-2N(rank)-3C-3S (2=3=4=3), 4H (setting Diamonds)-4NT (1430)-5D
Simulation: Richard Pavlicek
I find the DD analysis of thousands of deals interesting but inconclusive. This simulation gives me the idea that possibly passing with is a good bid but I would analyze the results by hand allowing East to balance when that makes sense. I agree that this approach is a lot ...
A Hazy Shade of Winter
A piece of advice from a player who finished last in Houston but who has qualified and drew-Nickell. Keep playing my friend, even into that hazy shade of your winter.
Q and A about Orlando World Bridge Series CoC
Thanks Alvin. I changed our entry.
Eric Murray 1928-2018
The heroes from our youth are almost all gone.
Q and A about Orlando World Bridge Series CoC
Having registered I have a few issues that I'd like to bring up with Alvin. Alvin, 1-The registration process is time consuming. I don't think many ACBL members will expect it. I understand that the WBF is the NBO for the USA (I am a member of the ...
Last Train and the minors
Our structure is but is based on a Moscito trump set(4D) after a relay auction. The concept may be adaptable. The short version: With zero Key cards sign off. With 1 Key card make the next step. With 2 or more make the lowest control bid.
Last Train and the minors
There are many versions of turbo. Whatever is blackwood, minorwood, redwood etc. becomes Turbo. Turbo declares a specific # of Key cards and asks for controls up the line.
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