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Soloway KO Positioning Points & Change to Bye PP numbers
In trying to work out a mathematical formula (I'm no Henry) I think the first step is decide the conditions whereby a team should earn a bye to the round of 16. (I am not in agreement that a team with 4 US and 2 foreign players should earn ...
Soloway KO Positioning Points & Change to Bye PP numbers
Well I read the Draft COC which I should have done earlier, If the Soloway is given equal status with the Vanderbilt and Spingold the probability of the number of teams qualifying from the RR will diminish, possibly significantly. In my view (obviously biased) the RR is the only place ...
Question for those who know the ACBL rules:
Everything we play is GCC: 1-Natural openings (4+ cards in a suit) with 8+HCP 2-Artifical 1C with artificial 1D response 3-Artificial 1D opening with 15+ HCP 4-2 level bids of 6+ cards 5-1NT 14-15HCP Tom
Question for those who know the ACBL rules:
The Dinkin Major is simply the weakest bid allowable by the ACBL-natural, 8+HCP. The entire point of the bid is to open light in 1st or 2nd position the way most pairs do in 3rd position. The bid employs two rather frustrating characteristics of opponent's bidding, 4-card majors ...
Question for those who know the ACBL rules:
I found this on the page that Jeff posted. Pre-Alert: Alerts given before the auction period begins on the first board of a round. Pre-Alerts are designed to act as an early warning of any unusual methods for which the opponents may need to prepare. Things that need to be ...
Soloway KO Positioning Points & Change to Bye PP numbers
If the schedule conflicts with Thanksgiving it will obviously reduce the number of teams entered while my guess that the Swiss will increase entries. My off-the-cuff guess is that it should be equal to the Spingold and Vandy but third in tiebreaking. I would think that a 100% American team ...
Acol Two Bids
I argued that partner should have bid 4NT as 3S was forcing. My partner responded that I had a 3 loser hand
Acol Two Bids
Dave- When I played ACOL 2 bids the next suit was negative (Herbert) and 2NT was a semi-positive in that suit. My experience was that ACOL 2 bids worked well with 1 or 2 suited hands but not 6-4 hands. However, in the finals of the NA Swiss a long ...
After a Quantitative 4NT Raise
show controls
Acol Two Bids
I believe that the hand you show is an ACOL 2 Bid. It has 8 winners and 3QT
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