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July 18, 2014
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about me

I describe myself as a "Really good Bridge player for someone who really doesn't play the game." I was life Master 10718 in 1969 but took multiple years completely off and multiple years where I played very little. Yes, life got in the way but playing a full regional much less a full national is not something I enjoy.

I really only care about playing teams against the best so you will see me at the USBF Trials, the Spingold or the Vanderbilt but not much at a match point event.

My vocation was engineer and business owner and my advocation is that I am Pastor at two Convalescent Homes in the Los Angeles area which is why I don't play on weekends except in the afore mentioned events.

I started playing Neapolitan Club in the early 60's which morphed into what is now called Precision. Today I play a super-light opening forcing diamond system.

And I only filled out my profile because you-know-who shamed me into it.

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Online K.O. Tournaments by Tom Reynolds
I think that I can change the bracket by changing names but I haven't tried it yet.
"Vugraph" match Schedule
Actually score after 2
Online K.O. Tournaments by Tom Reynolds
Johnathan, It doesn't look like a signup page works. I ask people to email me and we will sign them up by hand. Maybe you had to ask for a signup page at the beginning. Live and learn. The problem is scoring. We will need to take the IMP ...
Online K.O. Tournaments by Tom Reynolds
I sent out a signup sheet so we'll see how it works. I only sent the signup sheet to those already in one of the first two tournaments as they, hopefully, are familiar with the process. Good Job
Online K.O. Tournaments by Tom Reynolds
I don't believe that BracketNinja does that. I get single and double elimination tournaments and that's all. We picked the BracketNinja software because it was simple and had a signup sheet. We may need to investigate other software to run other type tournaments. Tom
Using Zoom to add the social back into BBO
I will purchase a zoom room for the online tournaments if somebody(s) knowledgeable wants to run it. Any volunteers? Tom
Undo or No undo ?
Well it is my tournament and I made the rules. "The Captains should agree undos/no undos for misclicks." Another rule is that "Everyone should be patient gracious and understanding" Finally, "All altercations are to be adjudicated by the captains." Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that every player knows either ...
Online K.O. Tournaments by Tom Reynolds
I would agree that every participant does not know the conditions of contest. That can't be helped since I don't know all the rosters (with email addresses). Even if I did, however, many would not have read or not remembered. I have answered many questions that I have ...
Online K.O. Tournaments by Tom Reynolds
Jim is absolutely correct but not everybody reads the guidelines. Still very few problems so far.
Online K.O. Tournaments by Tom Reynolds
Gavin- I don't know. I didn't play in a zoom room. We are seeing a lot of creativity as team captains come up with more ways to make the event more enjoyable. Tom
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