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July 18, 2014
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about me

I describe myself as a "Really good Bridge player for someone who really doesn't play the game." I was life Master 10718 in 1969 but took multiple years completely off and multiple years where I played very little. Yes, life got in the way but playing a full regional much less a full national is not something I enjoy.

I really only care about playing teams against the best so you will see me at the USBF Trials, the Spingold or the Vanderbilt but not much at a match point event.

My vocation was engineer and business owner and my advocation is that I am Pastor at two Convalescent Homes in the Los Angeles area which is why I don't play on weekends except in the afore mentioned events.

I started playing Neapolitan Club in the early 60's which morphed into what is now called Precision. Today I play a super-light opening forcing diamond system.

And I only filled out my profile because you-know-who shamed me into it.

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cue bids
It depends if 1C is natural. If so: 2C=3 card limit raise or strong hand 3C=3 card mixed raise 2NT= 4 card limit raise+ X=snapdragon 5+ Diamonds, heart tolerance. If 1C is not natural then 2S is the only q bid and 2C is natural 2S=4 ...
Implicit private understanding?
David, If all a HUM system has to recommend it is the unfamiliarity of the opponents then you are correct. The 10-12 NT and Dutch Two Bids I mentioned earlier are examples of that as they are conventions that pairs inexperienced defense of these conventions have trouble with. However, when ...
Implicit private understanding?
Peg- I play in the trials every year because "In what other sport can you play against the best?"-Steve Gardner I might add however, that the USBF SUSBC will probably have less than 16 teams entered. Last year it was 12. Imagine that. At most 72 players in the ...
Implicit private understanding?
Ed- Of course. We alert and explain as follows" "Forcing and may be strong." Note however, that this explanation does not help you overcome the problem of whether/what to bid as you have little experience with this sequence. Nor does a not"not forcing" explanation after 1M/2X bid ...
Implicit private understanding?
Players who want to learn!!-Where did you find them. At our club the average MP holding is about 2500 and the mean about 1500 and only a handful of players have any interest in anything else besides "My card partner" which contains the latest and obviously bidding system known ...
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Ron, I am not in banning systems for any reason. However, if you were to learn my system you would be the first person to do so besides Lance and Myself. Defending it is actually not hard and we provide suggested defenses. The problem is that the system forces different ...
Implicit private understanding?
Ron- Our base opinion is that a club game is a social event where the geriatric members get out of their house and spend some time playing a dying card game they enjoy against other geriatrics they have known for years. Based on this annoying them is bad form in ...
Implicit private understanding?
Jim- Your approach is your right and I will defend to the end your right to play that way. It is not Lance Kerr's and mine. We play a system DESIGNED to open 8HCP hands, often with a 4 card major. However we will not play it in a ...
Pick a 9th
I will like to se what Kit says about this hand but you have telegraphed a spade singleton so why didn't West lead a spade preferring a non-attacking heart. I would think that W has neither 5 nor 2 Spades. Winning the A and leading a diamond to the ...
Implicit private understanding?
Since nobody has answered my question do I assume that there is no answer or the answer is so obvious that everyone assumed it was sarcasm on my part? Our agreements state that a stopper is not required. Tom
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