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Lose the Trials Semifinal with Me
> Chances of singleton club seem to me at least 2 times higher than 3 small. Why so high? I would expect at least 2:1 the other way. 1. A priori stiff small club vs 3 small clubs is about the same. 2. If west had stiff club he could ...
Drop ins to the Blue Ribbons
> OTOH I wonder why everyone is so down on the NAP? I > haven't played in it in years (maybe decades :-)) but when > I did it was a tough event and one I was proud of winning. Me too. The NAP still has by far the toughest average field strength ...
Drop ins to the Blue Ribbons
I am all for making the field of national events as conflict free as possible. But I would do that by not creating the conflicts in the first place. I was disappointed to see the Soloway knockout approved, precisely because it bastardized the rest of the events. Even if you ...
Open Orlando Discussion Thread
The recaps are back up. Hope they stay up!
Open Orlando Discussion Thread
It seems WBF has deleted all the recaps for the pair events after 4 days. Big thumbs down for that.
A Deal for All Your Sides
My partner's bridge rule: When I make a "creative" bid of 1C of higher, no matter how logical, he won't be on the same wavelength.
District 9 vs. District 17 in GNT Final
Hahaha. I was sad Roger gets "Lee" on vugraph while I had to be called "WLee".
Congrats Alex Perlin!
Congrats on getting a congrats article from stevo!
Spingold payout
The ACBL fixed it.
Earning your Average in Platinum Pairs
The endplay also requires LHO having AK of clubs which a few of us seem to have assumed at some point (including myself in the above calculations). I don't see how one can be sure of that at the table.
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