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Walter Lee
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I don't understand matchpoints
I don't understand matchpoints
Oops you are right. Bad math by me.
I don't understand matchpoints
To me it's clear to play a low diamond. Declarer's most likely shape is 5=3=3=2 and with three diamonds he's 5:2 to have Kxx as opposed to KQx, so unless he guesses diamonds more than 70% of the time I will come out ...
In the Well: Geoff Hampson
I'm amazed at this hand you played from 2014 USBC; Board 6 in the following vugraph: In the three card ending, how did you guess spades? On the surface it looked like ...
Showing a solid major as responder
As a matter of practicality I would ask isn't this a push anyways? IMO creating special agreements to out-bid the field in post mortem is not a good way to improve results. The problem is whatever you use to describe this hand perfectly for this layout, it will be ...
losing in the Vanderbilt part deux
IMO from partner's side it is clear that declarer has 6+ diamonds and that you have 4+ clubs, and declarer probably has Ax or Kx of clubs, and to beat the contract he needs declarer to have KT, K7, or K2. To give up on KT is to give ...
Losing in The Vanderbilt
I forgot one possible shape: 2=3=6=2, which does not require a cashout but A would work much better than a low one.
Losing in The Vanderbilt
Good (or brutal) problem, depending on your view. It seems the problem is to whether to play partner for Q643 or K64 in a cashout situation. Though it's not 100% clear to me it's a cashout situation at all. 1. My instinct would be to play declarer for ...
Open Reno Discussion Thread
All Chinese look the same. And Singaporeans too.
Best Line for 7!C
On spade lead, ruff 3 spades. Otherwise after finding out trumps are not 4-0, I just need clubs 2-2 or diamonds not 5-1 or worse. What's the most likely layout I can cater to if neither clubs or diamonds break? If LHO guards diamonds and has two high hearts ...
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