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Waltraud Gruening
Waltraud Gruening
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Feb. 10, 2015
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about me

I always loved card games and started with Bridge 2008. Not sure what I like more playing or learning, both is fascinating.

After some years I am now a good club player, directing tourneys in our small club and at BBO.

My thinking is slow, my understanding limited and my partnership qualities below average.


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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Waltraud Gruening's lead problem: T9753 K63 8 T982
No it is about finding the killing lead
To Bridge Winners Administration
More than one tag should be allowed and be aware that not everyone would do the same classification.
ugly insufficient bid over multi 2D
The conventional answer of 2 to opening 2 (Multi) is artificial and not specifiying the same denomination.
Odd-Even and Encrypted Signals
There is no ban for odd/even signalling in Germany. It is not part of the main stream teaching here around but still some players use it especially in the area where I live.It is a nice thing to immediately show what you want from partner. Most of the ...
Simultaneous play and claim
When there is a claim the play is suspended. The dummy is only limited in his rights during play. After the claim he can call the TD or can doubt a claim. There are no more limitations when play ended.
Waltraud Gruening's bidding problem: K854 Q87543 Q87 ---
No Bergen raises. Limit raises, Splinter, Jacoby available.
A simple proposal to improve the game while earning clubs/directors extra income
Sorry posted in the wrong article.
A simple proposal to improve the game while earning clubs/directors extra income
You find the actual ranking here:
No Boys Allowed: A Glimpse of the Women's Festival
We had a men only event in Germany until a couple of years ago and it never bothered me that I could not play there. Maybe times change and one day I would not like to accept it any more, who knows. BTW most of the high level competitions are ...
European Bridge Clubs
Adding some infos with contacts for clubs in Munich. In case you want to play around Christmas make sure the scheduled tourneys take place. Most players understand and speak at least some English but you better talk slowly. There are three clubs playing in one location called "Bridge Domizil", Sckellstr ...

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